10 Best WordPress Magazine and News Themes in 2020

A visually captivating and engaging magazine website can transform your readers into an immersive world tailored to your brand. WordPress themes allow you to turn your vision into reality without coding quickly.

This article unveils the ten best WordPress themes for crafting stunning magazine websites. Read on to discover how these powerful tools can help you:

  • Showcase compelling content through beautiful designs
  • Boost user experience with intuitive navigation
  • Customize layouts to match your niche and brand
  • Optimize for SEO to enhance visibility
  • Integrate social media to amplify reach
  • Ensure accessibility for diverse audiences

Key Features of Top Magazine Website Themes

The top-rated WordPress themes for magazines include:

📱 Responsive Design

Themes with responsive design seamlessly adapt websites for optimal viewing across devices. This enhances user experience through easy readability and navigation.

🖼️ Multiple Layout Options

Customizable layouts allow flexibility in seamlessly showcasing various content, from images to videos. You can tailor magazine sections to your brand style.

💬 Powerful Typography

Control fonts, sizes, and styles to create visually appealing content. Typography profoundly impacts the look, feel, and readability of your magazine.

📷 Image Gallery Enhancements

Specialized features like lightboxes allow for showcasing high-resolution images in captivating layouts. This engages readers visually.

🤝 Social Media Integration

Inbuilt tools make sharing content on social media easy, helping expand reach. This also enables social listening.

🔎 SEO Optimization

Optimized code, meta tags, URLs, and built-in tools like sitemaps improve SEO. This amplifies search visibility.

🧩 Drag-and-Drop Page Builders

Intuitive drag-and-drop builders like Elementor enable customizing layouts without coding. This makes website creation easy.

♿ Accessibility Features

Options like font size adjustment make websites inclusive for all users. This expands your audience reach.

🆙 Regular Updates

Themes regularly release security patches and improvements. This maintains compatibility and security.

With these powerful features, you can select the ideal theme to make your magazine website vision a reality!

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

With hundreds of themes, identifying the perfect one for your magazine can get overwhelming. Here are four tips to guide your selection:

🔖 Consider Your Niche – Choose a theme that complements your magazine’s style – fashion, news, food, or travel-focused designs.

😃 Evaluate User Experience – Prioritize themes that are easy to navigate, intuitive, and provide a great reading experience.

⚙️ Assess Customization Options – Look for ample layout, design, typography, and gallery options to make the site your own.

⚡️ Check Performance Optimization – Opt for well-coded themes incorporating best practices for fast loading and seamless UX.

Further, check for an active community forum for timely support. With niche-relevant design and robust features, your magazine website will resonate with readers!

Top 10 WordPress Magazine Themes

Now let’s explore the creme de la creme – the ten best WordPress magazine themes to create stunning websites:

1. Divi


The uber-popular Divi offers extensive customization options through its frontend drag-and-drop builder. Packed with design elements and pre-made layouts, Divi empowers magazines to craft beautiful, conversion-focused websites.

2. Newspaper


True to its name, Newspaper is tailored for high-traffic magazines and newspapers. With multiple demos, powerful theme options, and sleek design, it makes magazine website creation easy.

3. Sydney


Sydney scores high for its clean, uncluttered, and responsive magazine layout. The Elementor compatibility also makes customization seamless.

4. CoverNews


CoverNews incorporates modern magazine design trends for a visually appealing website. With 100+ custom widgets, it’s perfect for magazines in diverse niches.

5. Ultra


The multipurpose Ultra theme enables building any website. For magazines, it provides numerous demos and tailor-made widgets for rapid setup.

6. The Voux

The Voux

The Voux brings high-fashion magazine elegance through sleek layouts, typography, and galleries. It is ideal for fashion or lifestyle magazines seeking ultra-stylish designs.

7. Jannah


Jannah is a flexible, fast-loading theme suitable for fashion and editorial websites. Multiple widgets and layouts make customization easy.

8. SmartMag


SmartMag incorporates a lightweight drag-and-drop builder and magazine-specific widgets for simplified setup. SEO optimization also amplifies search visibility.

9. HitMag


HitMag is a user-friendly, free theme for beginners seeking magazine designs. Although features are limited compared to premium themes, it’s great for starters.

10. AccessPress Mag

AccessPress Mag

AccessPress Mag incorporates all vital magazine features, including multiple layouts, sliders, ads, and review sections. It’s an excellent free alternative.

With these dynamic themes, you will find the perfect fit to translate your vision into a stunning magazine website.

Designing Captivating Magazine Websites

Beyond choosing the suitable theme, here are five expert tips to make your magazine website pop:

  • Use high-quality images that grab attention and complement your content.
  • Craft compelling headlines that pique reader interest at a glance.
  • Organize content in a clean layout that facilitates easy browsing.
  • Include effective calls-to-action to boost engagement and conversions.
  • Track website analytics to gain insight into user behavior.

By combining these best practices with a top-notch magazine theme, your website is sure to captivate your audience!

Ready to Create Your Stunning Magazine Website?

A custom-tailored magazine website has immense power to resonate with your readers and establish thought leadership. With the unlimited possibilities of these cutting-edge WordPress themes, you can finally translate your creative vision into reality.

So don’t hold back – craft an immersive world for your audience and amplify your brand impact with a magazine website that captures your unique voice. The digital future of your magazine starts now!

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What are the benefits of using a WordPress theme for my magazine website?

WordPress themes enable you to create visually appealing and feature-rich magazine websites without coding. Themes are explicitly designed for magazines, with layouts, widgets, and customization options to showcase content beautifully. They also handle technical optimization like responsiveness and SEO for you.

Should I choose a free or paid WordPress theme?

Paid themes like Newspaper, Divi, and CoverNews offer far more features and customization options to tailor your website’s look and feel. They also provide better support and regular updates. However, free themes like HitMag and AccessPress Mag are great for new users on a budget.

How do I customize my WordPress magazine theme?

Most leading magazine themes include user-friendly page builders like Elementor or custom widgets to customize your website design, layouts, typography, colors, and galleries without coding. You can tailor the site to match your brand identity.

How can I optimize my magazine website for SEO?

Choose a theme with built-in SEO best practices like optimized code, meta tag integration, image optimization, and sitemaps. Additionally, create SEO-friendly content with keywords, optimize page speed, and promote your links.

What makes magazine websites different from blogs or news websites?

Magazines incorporate more visual media like high-resolution galleries, stylized typography, and engaging layouts to create an immersive user experience. The content is also more diverse, spanning reporting, stories, interviews, and analysis on a theme.

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