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The last couple of years have brought an excessive amount of rapid communication tools like instant messaging and chats. Almost every business website is offering some kind of Live Chat. The WordPress is no exception and you can add Live Chat feature easily.

Benefits of Live-chat

One of the key benefits of having a live chat on your website is the ability to provide quick answers to the most common questions visitors may have. The customers will surely love to be able to get in touch with your sales or support team via formal chat kinda talks. Websites with Live chat are already one step forward in comparison with the websites that don’t have it.

Almost every chat application provides some form of analytics, in terms of visitors’ details, pages they visited, time spent on the website. All these details will help you get a better picture of how visitors or customers interact with the website.

Best Live-chat plugins for WordPress

We tested out the most popular and FREE Live chat plugin for WordPress. We recommend the following plugins.

Tawk.To Live Chat [FREE]

Probably the best Free & NO-ADS, No Premium b******t script. The Live chat app is used by 2+ Millions of websites, it’s packed with all needed features and functionality. You can register a free account and install the plugin right after. The setup is simple and straight forward. The plugin features reports, tracking, translation and more.


WP-Live Chat by 3CX [FREE]

WP-Live chat is also a powerful plugin that features all needed functionality like the above-mentioned plugin. It also supports translation, reports, tracking, canned replies and more. One of the specific sides of this plugin is the support for cloud hosting that ensures the minimum latency and faster loading time.

WP-Live chat

Jivo Chat – Live chat for WordPress [FREE/PAID]

It another Live chat plugin with a ton of features. It will allow you to easily add and customize the Live chat on your WordPress website. It features translation, reporting, tracking, chat history, canned reply, and Android APP.

Jivo Chat - Live chat for WordPress

Tidio Live Chat [FREE/PAID]

Tidio live chat is another excellent live chat plugin. The free plan includes the basic settings and limitations to 100 chats per month. The paid option provides a lot more. Besides the regular options like reports, tracking, canned replies, customization, etc., there is also a number of specific options, like a desktop app and integration with most popular marketing tools like SalesForce, Mailchimp, Trello, Jira, etc.

tidio live chat

Live Chat by Formilla [FREE/PAID]

The realtime live chat plugin by Formilla offers the basic free plan that includes one chat instance, one website, and one user agent. It also features all needed functionality like reporting, admin panel, tracking, marketing tools integration and more.

Formilla Live Chat


Each and every Live chat plugin we enlisted above should be capable to provide the needed instant messaging functionality for your website. It will also affect the conversion rates and enhance customer handling flow.

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