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Worda Team

Our team of WordPress professionals will help you stay on the latest WP topics, resolve any problem or issue with the WordPress website or provide useful advice. Feel free to get in touch with us. :)

What’s cooking in WordPress 6.1

whats new wordpress 6 1

Heads up WordPress fanatics, this time we talk about the upcoming WordPress 6.1 release and what can we expect from it. WordPress 6.1 is scheduled for release on November 1st, this year and we are some three weeks away from…

Enable Debugging in WordPress, The right way

debugging wordpress

WordPress comes with a built-in debugger that can be enabled when needed. Before you can start troubleshooting issues on your website, you need to activate the debugging in WordPress. Introduction Developing and running a website can be challenging sometimes, especially…

What’s new in WordPress 5.8

WordPress 5.8 - whats new?

WordPress 5.8 release is almost imminent and it’s expected to be released on July 20th. Here are the things you should pay attention to before upgrading to the latest 5.8 version. This release introduces a lot of new features and…