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Worda Team

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Build WordPress websites locally using Chassis desktop

chassis desktop
Chassis Desktop is an application for local WordPress development created by Human Made. Its a Vagrant-based virtual server and a community project that Human Made has commercially supported since 2012. The new desktop app is in early beta version and you can participate by downloading it from their GitHub page.

New JavaScript Framework for WordPress core

new javascript framework wordpress
WordPress core contributors have started collaborating more around their JavaScript efforts this year with regular core-js meetings. One item on the most recent meeting’s agenda was a discussion on choosing a new JavaScript framework for use in core as an alternative to Backbone.

Stop Spammers using Stop Signup Spam WordPress plugin

stop spam signup wp 1
Spam user registrations can become a real problem when you use open registration. Leland Fiegel, a founder of Themetry, has developed a new plugin called Stop Signup Spam that prevents users from registering an account if their email or IP address is already included in the SFS database.

Shopify plugin removed from WordPress

shopify plugin banned
Shopify’s official plugin for WordPress was removed from the plugin directory this week. The plugin allowed users to create “Buy Buttons” for products from their Shopify stores and insert them into WordPress posts and pages using a shortcode.

WooCommerce 3 is here!

woocommerce 3 logo
WooCommerce 3.0 have been relased today and its version name is “Bionic Butterfly”. The new version comes with significant improvements to the product gallery and developer tools. This version was supposed to be signed as  2.7 and its first major release since the plugin switched to semantic versioning so developers decided to name it as 3.0