Davor Veselinović

Davor Veselinović

I'm Davor aka. Worda, founder of Worda Themes. Working as a Full Stack Developer with more than a decade of experience with WordPress. I build themes and plugins and enjoy writing useful blog posts and sharing my ideas with others.

Stored XSS Patched in WordPress 5.1.1

wp xss vunerability patched in wp5 1
WordPress recently released an update, 5.1.1, which patches a stored XSS vulnerability in the platform’s comment system. Even 10 days after the release of this security patch, around 60% of all WordPress sites scanned by our services didn’t have this fix applied.

Top 10 News & Magazine Themes for WordPress in 2018

Top 10 News & Magazin WordPress themes 2020
This article presents some of the finest and currently best WordPress News & Magazine theme available in the ThemeForest marketplace. Switching to a new theme could end up with a lot of additional work, especially if you haven't selected the right theme. All themes listed here are created by the authors that do care about the user's experience and overall theme usability.