Automattic Acquires MailPoet: The Future of Email Marketing for WordPress

Email marketing just got a major shakeup. Automattic, the company behind and WooCommerce, has acquired MailPoet – one of the most popular email newsletter plugins for WordPress. This has massive implications for email marketing capabilities on WordPress moving forward.

The Key Takeaways

Automattic’s strategic acquisition of MailPoet unlocks powerful new email marketing capabilities for WordPress users. Key benefits include:

  • Tighter integration for WooCommerce stores
  • More robust blogging newsletter features
  • Accelerated open-source development
  • Competitive edge over closed email platforms

For email marketers embedded in the WordPress ecosystem, this acquisition signals exciting new innovations on the horizon. Of course, existing MailPoet users can continue enjoying the plugin they know and love as well.

Why Automattic Acquired MailPoet

Automattic‘s acquisition of MailPoet was a strategic move, aimed at enhancing its ecosystem. With over 1 million active installations, MailPoet stands out for its user-friendly email creation, automation, analytics, and segmentation tools, tailored for WordPress users. This is particularly relevant for those interested in creating secure WordPress themes, as MailPoet adds another layer of functionality to their offerings.

Integrating MailPoet into Automattic’s portfolio allows for comprehensive email marketing solutions for WooCommerce store owners. This integration is pivotal for functionalities like abandoned cart recovery, personalized recommendations, and targeted promotions, essential for boosting sales, as highlighted in the recent release of bbPress 2.6.

For bloggers and publishers on, MailPoet unlocks enhanced email newsletter capabilities, crucial for engaging readers and increasing website traffic. Ultimately, this acquisition significantly strengthens Automattic’s suite of marketing and commerce tools, positioning it as a key player for users seeking all-in-one solutions within the WordPress ecosystem.

Benefits for WordPress and WooCommerce Users

Here are some of the key benefits this acquisition unlocks for different WordPress user groups:

  • WooCommerce store owners get access to MailPoet’s email automation and segmentation to boost marketing and sales. Features like behavioral emails and abandoned cart recovery will help dramatically improve ROI.
  • Bloggers and publishers can now leverage MailPoet’s polished email editor and analytics right from to grow their readership. Sending gorgeous newsletters is easier than ever.
  • Small business owners get an affordable, easy-to-use email marketing solution seamlessly integrated with WordPress. With MailPoet, small businesses can grow their list and better engage customers without technical headaches.
  • Agencies and developers will appreciate MailPoet’s hundreds of customization options and templates. Designing sleek, branded newsletters for clients is simpler than before.

What Does This Mean for Existing Users?

For existing MailPoet users, Automattic promises that the plugin will continue to remain free and no major changes will happen overnight. Paid MailPoet plans will still be available offering premium features.

However, gradual changes to pricing, features, and WordPress integration will likely occur over time. Some users may encounter minor disruptions during the transition period.

Thankfully, Automattic has earned goodwill in the WordPress community regarding acquisitions. Their track record with companies like Longreads and Tumblr inspires confidence that this will be a smooth transition focusing on user experience.

How MailPoet Compares to Other WordPress Email Plugins

With this acquisition, MailPoet now stands above competitors as the most well-integrated email solution for WordPress. The plugin outpaces other options with its balance of ease-of-use and deeper feature set.

Here’s a quick comparison:

  • MailerLite – Very easy to use but less design flexibility and automation options.
  • ConvertKit – Powerful automation and tagging but more complex for beginners.
  • SendinBlue – Solid free plan but primarily caters to non-WordPress sites.
  • MailPoet – Excellent balance of simplicity and marketing features optimized for WordPress.

Of course, some users with advanced needs may still prefer alternatives like ConvertKit. But for most WordPress users, MailPoet offers the best blend of simplicity and functionality at a low cost.

The Future Looks Bright for WordPress Email Marketing

Automattic clearly has big plans for MailPoet’s future development. We can likely expect deeper integration with WooCommerce, improved analytics, and more sophisticated segmentation and automation.

MailPoet’s CEO Kim Gjerstad hints at these plans, suggesting WordPress users should soon expect “an improved onboarding experience, better integration with WooCommerce, and enhanced ways to manage your subscribers.”

With Automattic’s resources supporting its growth, MailPoet seems poised to become an even more mature email marketing solution tailored specifically to WordPress. Together with their acquisition of SeedProd, they are rapidly improving the WordPress ecosystem’s built-in landing page and email offerings.

The bottom line? Email marketing and newsletters in WordPress are about to get a whole lot easier and more powerful thanks to this acquisition. Expect great things as MailPoet joins forces with Automattic!

We would love to hear your thoughts on how Automattic and MailPoet can enhance WordPress email functionality. Feel free to join the discussion below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What features does MailPoet offer?

MailPoet enables WordPress users to easily create and send beautiful email newsletters with a drag-and-drop editor, access detailed analytics, and leverage automation with features like welcome emails and abandoned cart reminders.

Is MailPoet still free to use?

Yes, Automattic has stated the free version of MailPoet will continue to be offered. Premium plans with extra features will still be available as paid upgrades.

What happens to my existing MailPoet account?

Your account and email lists will carry over seamlessly. You may experience minor disruptions during the transition period but no major changes immediately.

Will other email plugins stop working with WordPress?

No, popular alternatives like ConvertKit, MailerLite, SendinBlue and others will all continue working normally. MailPoet will be more integrated but not the only option.

Where can I learn more about using MailPoet?

Check out the MailPoet knowledge base for tutorials, documentation and case studies on getting the most from its features for your WordPress site’s email marketing.

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