10 Best BuddyPress themes in 2022

BuddyPress is the most popular and well-known WordPress plugin for creating online communities. This great plugin extends the default WordPress capabilities and turns it into a fully-fledged social network or online community portal.

Thus that being said, there are some specific WordPress BuddyPress themes that will help you in creating awesome and beautiful BuddyPress websites.

Best BuddyPress themes for 2022

We decided to test and review the most complete, best-looking, and feature-rich BuddyPress themes for all of you who are aiming to start your own community or social network.

1. BuddyBoss

The BuddyPress is an awesome-looking and modern, premium BuddyPress theme. It aims to help you create an online community that offers all the great features present in some modern social networks, such as post feeds, user walls, photo galleries, messaging and chat, groups, courses, and points & achievements.

BuddyBoss Theme

Theme authors paid special attention to details, the theme looks amazing on desktops as well as on mobile devices.

BuddyBoss theme offers the ability to create paid online courses and classes, advanced levels of membership, and options to run corporate training, online schools, or non-profit organizations. So, the theme offers a decent way to monetize your future online community. There is also an engagement system called Gamify that is built-it. It will allow you to give points, rewards, certificates, and achievements to your users which will result in the retainment of the users for sure.

The theme is also compatible with over 100 most popular WordPress plugins, it also offers full integration of LearnDash, Automator, Affiliate systems, comments, docs and you name it. You can check out the entire integration list here: https://www.buddyboss.com/integrations/

2. Woffice

The Woffice theme is another great-looking BuddyPress theme empowered by material design. It is easy to customize and apply your own branding. This theme offers a variety of use and its suitable for Business & Government Intranets, School Networks, or any Community Network and Associations.

Woffice Theme

The theme brings the full power of BuddyPress to your future website, the messaging, post feeds, user walls, groups, membership with access levels, and more.

Some of the cool features specific to this theme are project management options, Slack notifications, Events, Members directory with map locations, and more.

The Woffice theme is compelling in general, it comes with 24 custom extensions specially built for it. It’s compatible with all major free and paid plugins and it also includes the paid plugins bundled with the theme like LearnDash, Revolutions Slider, Visual composes, and RT Media.

3. Sweet Date

The Sweet Date is a sort of unique BuddyPress theme for creating a dating website or dating social networks. The theme features a common dating website design with all appropriate features that are common for dating apps or websites.

Sweet Date Theme

The theme features a modern responsive design, membership levels for monetization, Facebook social login, matching system, ajax search, profiles, additional profile fields, private messaging, and all common dating app features. The theme also features RT Media and WooCommerce support and it works well with all major free and paid plugins.

If you want to create a dating website, Sweet Date is the perfect BuddyPress for that. It’s regularly updated and fully supported.

4. OneCommunity

The OneCommunity is awesome looking and feature-packed BuddyPress WordPress theme. It’s present for over 6 years and during this period it evolved into a mature, stable, and powerful theme for creating any kind of online community or social network.

OneCommunity Theme

Besides the great design and attention to detail, the theme featured a GemiPress reward system, a global-like option, private messaging, events, LIVE notifications, dark mode, online members profile bar, dynamic loading, and pop-up login, membership levels for monetization, and much more.

The OneCommunity theme looks great and mobile devices, it’s very well optimized for fast performance by fragmenting the cache. Theme features Elementor Page builder and it comes with support for many WordPress plugins like bbPress, Events Calendar, and Youzer Profiles. It integrates LearnPress, Event Manager, and WooCommerce. One of the cool-looking features is the expandable right-side panel with member’s profile images.

If you are looking for a BuddyPress theme with impressive design and awesome performance, the OneCommunity is definitely a good choice.

5. Thrive

The Thrive is a BuddyPress WordPress theme aimed to offer an easy way to build an intranet community and social networks. You can build an intranet/extranet, school, or company intranet website with Thrive.

Thrive theme

The theme comes with a personalized login page, activity stream, private messaging, unlimited groups, simple project management, file sharing, knowledgebase, collaboration tools, and more.

It’s also compatible with WooCommerce and works with Visual composer, BuddyDocs, Gear, bbPress, WP Pools, Revolutions slider, Events calendar, and Visual forms builder.

In general, the Thrive theme is a powerful BuddyPress theme to be considered by everyone who plans to start an intranet/extranet portal.

6. BuddyApp

The BuddyApp is another BuddyPress theme with awesome design and an impressive feature list. It’s a mobile-first designed theme that works and looks great on mobile devices, however, the desktop version is also great.

BuddyApp Theme

The theme features live notifications, live customizer, ajax search, live chat, knowledgebase, file sharing, RT media gallery, membership levels, forums, and more.

The BuddyApp is a fully capable intranet community theme that can be used for creating a company or online school community portals.

7. Beehive

Beehive is a new BuddyPress theme with great design and features. Theme features a unique design and comes with many one-click importing demos to choose from.

Beehive Theme

The theme comes with all features needed for running a social network like social login, live chat, private messaging, likes and share options, groups, events, media, and gallery options, news & photo feeds, shopping, classified ads, forums, and more.

The Beehive is a theme packed with tons of features and it can be suitable for building intranet/extranet websites, online communities, shopping websites, classified ads, or job websites with a focus on community and users.

8. Cera

Cera is also another new BuddyPress theme made for creating intranet portals or social networks. The theme provides all the needed features for creating a fully functional company, school, or organization intranet website.

Cera Theme

Some of the built-in features are membership levels, e-learning, live chat, private messaging, members and ground directory, ajax search, members search filter, collaboration tools, events, activity feed, news and photo feed, and more.

Cera is a nice and powerful theme in general. If you plan to build an intranet portal you should consider this theme as well.

9. Olympus

Olympus is a mature, stable, and good-performing BuddyPress theme that wraps all features needed for building an online community or social network.

Olympus Theme

The theme comes with Youzer integration and it also introduces the live notification, private messaging, likes, mentions, groups, forums, comments, emoticons, private, friendship, members directory, and more.

The Olympus theme is a perfect fit for any kind of intranet portal, school & organization community, or social network website.

10. Seeko

Seeko is yet another BuddyPress theme that can be used for creating dating websites. It features a simple but modern design with lots of illustrations.

Seeko Theme

The theme is made for creating a Mentorship or Dating website in general. There are two different demos available to choose from. It features custom fields for dating website profiles and registration, ajax profile search, activity feed and stream, profile matching, and more.

If you are looking for a simple and fast-performing dating website theme, you might find the Seeko theme interesting.


We listed the 10 best and most complete BuddyPress themes for you to choose from when you start building your intranet or social network website. If you think that we missed some cool BuddyPress themes, feel free to propose them.

We are also eager to hear your opinion on these themes and we will answer any questions you might have for us, so feel free to use the comments section below.

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