7 Best Gutenberg Page & Website Builder Plugins

One of the most awesome features of Gutenberg is the ability to extend it with custom block patterns plugins. We have reviewed the best Gutenberg plugins which you might consider for your next project.

These block-based plugins are packed with tons of features and nice-looking demo blocks to import and start editing. With these plugins, hooked up to Gutenberg, you will have a fully-featured website builder that enables you to compete with industry-leading page and website builders.

Page Builders and FSE plugins for Gutenberg

If you plan to use Gutenberg for Full Site Editing or as a fully-featured Page and website builder, you should definitely try out the following plugins.

All of these plugins are made by their respective authors and they are updated and supported. The reason why we mention this is that you can rally on them for your Live/Production websites.

1. Stackable – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable is one of the most advanced Gutenberg Block plugins that brings a fully featured Website Builder into the Gutenberg.

Stackable for WordPress

You can create dynamic websites with powerful yet lightweight custom blocks, ready-made designs, UI Kits, global settings, and advanced customization options and all this while maintaining the speed and performance of your website.

The Stackable plugin comes with many pre-made designs and blocks. It features over 36 flexible custom Gutenberg blocks that are feature-rich and look good out of the box. no doubt that this plugin will help you speed boost your development.

Stackable also offers the PRO version which features advanced options like dynamic content, customizable query loops, blocks display condition,s and more.

2. Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks

Getwid is no doubt a gem of a plugin that features over 40 Gutenberg blocks helping you create any kind of page you might need. It’s all totally free.

Many consider the Getwid as a truly most compelling and feature-rich Free block pattern plugin. With this plugin, you can create an amazing website by importing the pre-made wireframe pages and pre-designed blocks. It features styling options and developers can easily integrate custom styling for all of their blocks.

Getwid comes with his buddy Getwid theme which is also available for free. Packed like that, you can create any kind of website using Getwid and Gutenberg alone.

3. Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

The Ultimate Blocks for Gutenberg is definitely a plugin we don’t want to miss on our list. The basic idea of plugin creators is to give abilities to bloggers and mark people easy-to-use tools to build extraordinary content in no time.

The plugin comes with some unique features made especially for marketers like review-rich schema, easy-to-build landing pages, and many more.

Some of the near blocks available in free Ultimate blocks plugins are Post Grid, Tabs, Toggle, Progress bar, Review box, and more.

This plugin cannot be categorized as a web page builder, but in combination with the above-mentioned plugins it can really come in handy.

4. Spectra – WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Spectra is formerly known as Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg and it’s definitely one of the most used Gutenberg plugins of today with over 300k active installs.

This amazing plugin features everything you might possibly need when it comes to full website building. It comes packed with numerous blocks that feature forms, reviews, Lottie animations, call-to-actions, sliders, post layout, and many more.

This plugin works with all popular WordPress themes like Astra, Blocksy, OceanWP, Hello Elementor, and many more.

The plugin comes in the Free version and the PRO version is still on the way. Also, there is a parallel work on Spectra 2.0 which should enroll soon enough.

5. Gutentor – Gutenberg Blocks – Page Builder for Gutenberg Editor

Gutentor is most likely, one, if not the most powerful Page builder extension for Gutenberg. The plugin is offering almost 30+ blocks that allow you to create awesome content with ease.

The plugin also offers over 100+ pre-designed websites to choose from. It also has a library of reusable blocks for any kind of business or portfolio website you might be creating.

It’s also optimized for speed and performance and comes in Free and PRO versions.

6. Gutenverse – Advanced Addons for Gutenberg & FSE

Gutenverse is the youngest plugin on the list with not much active installation, but the plugin is mature and ready to use. It comes with 45+ Gutenberg blocks to extend your content with endless possibilities.

gutenverse gutenberg plugin

This plugin works best with new FSE themes that are enrolling after the WordPress 5.9 version.

It’s also a very flexible plugin that will work with other websites and page builders for Gutenberg.

The plugin also features many advanced blocks like forms, which is usually something not included in block plugins.

Each block is built with advanced and flexible options allowing you total control over customization.

7. Gutenberg Blocks – PublishPress Blocks Gutenberg Editor Plugin

Gutenberg Blocks is quite a popular Page builder plugin for Gutenberg. It allows you to build professional websites using just a Gutenberg editor. Some of the most notable blocks include layout options, sliders, buttons, icons, image galleries, maps, tabs, testimonials, accordions, and more.

gutenberg blocks publishpress

Just like some other plugins from this list, the plugin offers a lot of pre-designed templates and kits to choose from. It allows you to rapidly develop your future website.

One of the most unique features is the posts grid and blocks like the latest news, block editor accessibility, and permissions.

All in all, it is one of the best and most feature-rich FSE Block editor plugins out there.


It is already a time to consider Gutenberg as a fully-featured Website and page builder. By combining some of the Block editor plugins from the list you will be able to completely design and build your website using Gutenberg editor.

If you have any recommendations to enhance this list or any comments, please freely make your voice heard in the comments.

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