The Best WordPress Hosting companies in 2022

We know that choosing the best WordPress hosting provider for your website can be a tricky task. That’s why we have tested, reviewed, and compared the leading  WordPress hosting providers.

In an effort to choose the best, fastest, and most reliable host, we commenced the test that lasted for 2 months, and here are the results.

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  • List of Hosting companies with description
  • Pricing and Feature comparison
  • Conclusion

Best WordPress Hosting companies in 2020

There is a lot of buzzes when it comes to “Which hosting provider is the best or fastest?” or “Who offers the best WordPress shared hosting plans?”.

These questions are not easy to answer in just a few words. There are many things that need to be addressed first.

On the other hand, the competition for the title of “Best WordPress Hosting” lasts for a long time and all service providers are enhancing their offers in order to attract more customers. The current year of 2020. is no different, the competition becomes ever higher.

During the testing period we examined the following key factors:

  • Server response time
  • Disk space
  • Allowed bandwidth
  • Hardware
  • Software versions (PHP, MySQL/MariaDB)
  • Server type (Apache or Nginx)
  • Control panel
  • CDN availability
  • Diversity of hosting plans
  • Options for Developers (staging, SSH, etc.)
  • Support quality
  • Pricing

We commenced the testing for 2 months and during that time we tested the WordPress installation, reviewed the options and features, tested the response from multiple locations around the world, and here are the results.

1. Kinsta – Best managed WordPress hosting

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting platform. They are offering only WordPress Hosting plans, the company is focused on WordPress and they provide exceptional services.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

While testing Kinsta WordPress hosting we were amazed by their excellent support personnel. The uptime was 100% and the ping was between 80ms-350ms which is also great.

This host pays attention to software and they are running the latest PHP version and latest MariaDB version. Their CDN is available inside all WordPress hosting packages, and all websites are powered by Nginx. The backbone of their infrastructure is Google Cloud Platform that is available from 24 locations around the world.

Kinsta is also a developer-friendly host, it means that they support all the geek and nerdy stuff, and it a good choice for advanced WordPress users.

If you are looking for a hosting specially optimized for WordPress along with expert WordPress support, the Kinsta is the best choice. Also bear in mind that this isn’t the budget hosting, their plans are a bit expensive but still affordable.

2. CloudWays – Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

If you are looking for stable, fast, and intuitive Cloud-based hosting for WordPress, the CloudWays is definitely a good choice. They offer an innovative control panel and the option to chose between 5 cloud providers.


You can deploy the WordPress website in the cloud in minutes via control panel and they offer built-in CDN. The server response time is very good, from 30ms-500ms depending on the total distance from the cloud datacenters.

Overall, very good hosting with options to customize the packages, suitable for any kind of WordPress website.

3. BlueHost – Best affordable WordPress hosting

BlueHost is a very good hosting choice for beginners and advanced users as well. It totally deserves the third place in our comparison test, they provide decent support, hardware and software are up to date and the ping ranges from 50ms-800ms which is totally acceptable.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

There is no CDN and you can choose the data center or location where your website will be hosted.

However, BlueHost is powerful hosting, never the less. They are also very profound in WordPress and if you purchase any of their WordPress hosting plans, you will receive great WordPress tech support.

If you are looking for cheap but yet reliable hosting, the BlueHost is definitely the choice worth taking.

4. DreamHost – Best feature-packed WordPress hosting

We were very surprised to see how powerful and beautifully crafted services provide DreamHost. They have some nifty WordPress hosting packages that will unleash the true power of hosting for a fair amount of money.


DreamHost is definitely a reliable and fast hosting provider, the response from a network ranges from 50-350ms for the most distant points we tested. The packages are a bit expensive but definitely worth every dime. The DreamHost provides unlimited CDN, WordPress staging, JetPack professional included, and much more.

This is the reason why we entitled it as the most powerful WordPress hosting. The mentioned packages price starts at 29,95$ per month but it’s paying off for sure.

We recommend the DreamHost for the professionals that use staging a lot and that are willing to pay a few extra bucks.

5. Hostinger – The Fastest WordPress hosting

Hostinger is one of the youngest providers on this list. Never the less, they are providing an exceptional WordPress Hosting for at a cheap price.

Their hosting packages are affordable and packed with tons of features. They utilize the LightSpeed servers, provide JetPack professional, Cloudflare CDN, and a lot of nice-looking themes to choose from. The server response time was between 60ms-600ms which is very good and the update was 99,9%.


For anyone that is looking for affordable WordPress hosting that is both fast and reliable, the Hostinger is definitely a choice to consider.

6. Flywheel – Best Developer WordPress Hosting

Flywheel is one of the first WordPress dedicated hosting providers in the world. They are offering state of the art infrastructure to grow any kind of blog or website powered by WordPress. Using their intuitive and nice looking control panel, you can control all aspects of your website. Set up a staging website, revert nightly backups, setup SSL, CDN, and more.

FlyWheel Hosting

Flywheel WordPress hosting aims at busy developers and creatives. They have a pricing range that can satisfy the needs of the small blogs up to a fully-fledged enterprise WordPress website. The metrics of FlyWheel are awesome, ranging from 50ms-350ms in our tests with an uptime of 100%.

As mentioned, the Flywheel is a good choice for a developer who uses the staging more often. It’s high-performance hosting and thus it’s not so cheap.

7. InMotion Hosting – Best WordPress hosting for starters

The InMotion hosting offers a great range of services and WordPress hosting packages as well. Their prices are somewhere in the middle, but the services are definitely among the best in class.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting offers great hosting packages packed with features like staging, JetPack pro, no restriction on installed plugins, and more. The server performance is very good and response ranges from 30-600ms depending on the total distance.

InMotion hosting is very good, not the cheapest but affordable. We recommend it for beginners and not so demanding customers.

Pricing and Features comparison

Considering that we introduced the hosting companies properly, now it’s time to compare the prices and features in detail.

SiteGround hostingKinsta HostingBlueHostDreamHostHostingerFlywheel HostingCloudwaysInMotion Hosting
Monthy Pricing$7-$16.5$30-$300$3.95-$5.9$4.95-$19.95$2.15-$14.95$13-$242$10-$80$6.99-$14.99
Disk Space10Gb-40Gb50Gb-Unlimited5Gb-30Gb20Gb-100Gb5Gb-50Gb25Gb-160Gb50Gb-200Gb
Free SSLYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Free DomainNoNoYesNoYesNoNoYes
24/7 WP SupportYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Our Rating9.5/109/109.2/109/108.9/109/109.2/108.9/10

(*) Features and pricing are subject to changes periodically and it’s the legal right of sole hosting companies


We hope that our review helps some of you decide where to land their WordPress website. Basically, all of the above-mentioned hosting companies that are offering WordPress specific hosting platforms are good. There are some minor differences in terms of overall features available and pricing.

So far, SiteGround seems to be the most complete and affordable hoster in our review, so it gets to be the number one WordPress hosting. If you think differently of having anything to say, feel free to add your option or ask questions in the comment section below.

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