5 Best WordPress Multi-language & Translation Plugins

This list shows the best WordPress Multi-language and translation plugins. You can extend the default WordPress language capabilities using any of these plugins to offer your website content in more than one language.

How to add more languages to your WordPress website?

The best way to add more languages to your website is to complete the website in your native or primary language. Then install any of the plugin reviews below and start translating your menus, content, pages, and other instances.

We recommend installing Loco Transate along with any plugin from the list. The Loco Translate is awesome plugin that can search and find all plugins and themes laguage POT files and then offer the transation of each language variable from the admin menu and much more.

The way to set up translation is to pick some of the plugins from the list and install it as well as the Loco translate as it can be used to translate the plugins and other specific text that you might find too difficult to locate its source.

WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

This plugin is well known and probably the most popular one when it comes to translating the WordPress website. It’s paid plugin and it offers all needed features for making your website available in any number of languages you need. The plugin also features a page with a list of compatible themes so you can be sure to check if your WordPress theme is fully working with the WPML plugin, which may not be the case with all themes. Anyway, the great plugin never the less. 🙂

WPML - WordPress Multilingual Plugin


Weglot is yet another good plugin that comes in free and PRO versions. The plugin is packed with features and comes with all needed options to translate your WordPress website to more languages. You can download the Weglot Free plugin version from WordPress.org.


qTranslate X – Free WordPress Multilingual Plugin

The qTranslate X comes as a free alternative for the WPML and it’s also very good. It will help you in translating your content and making it available in unlimited languages. You might also find a lot of additional add-ons for this plugin and make it even better. It’s free and you can download it from the official WordPress repository.

qTranslate X

Polylang – WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Polylang is another great Multilanguage plugin for WordPress. Besides its core features that are capable of offering you all needed options for making a website available in the desired language, there is also a plugin that helps you convert WordPress websites with WPML to Polylang with ease. Polylang also features the PRO version and you can find out more once you try the free one, the link below.


Loco Translate

Loco Translate comes best as a topic for any multi-language plugin for WordPress. This plugin offers an easy way of translating theme or plugin language files directly from your WordPress admin interface. This is super cool and can be really helpful, especially for the website with many plugins and languages.

Loco Translate



Please note that both free plugins and paid alternatives are all offering the option to translate your website into many new languages, but it’s up to you to find the one that works best for you.

I hope that the plugins will serve you well, feel free to share any feedback or ask for help in the comments section below.

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