Build WordPress websites locally using Chassis desktop

Chassis Desktop is an application for local WordPress development created by Human Made. Its a Vagrant-based virtual server and a community project that Human Made has commercially supported since 2012. The new desktop app is in early beta version and you can participate by downloading it from their GitHub page.

Chassis Desktop was designed with a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners and experts alike. It was built by Bronson Quick and Ryan McCue using Electron and contains code from the create-react-app project.

The App firstly checks if Vagrant and Virtual Box are installed and then guides the user to create a new box. Setting up a new Chassis install or adding Chassis to an existing install is fast and easy with the simple UI. The app also includes keyboard navigation and a built-in terminal for quick access to more control over your box.

Develop WordPress locally - Chassis desktop screenshot

Chassis contributors have created an ecosystem of extensions for things like MailHog, Photon, Memcache, debugging, and other tools and apps. These add-ons will allow you have fully customized personal local development platform.

Chassis Desktop aims to make it easy for users to manager their Chassis development environments without having to touch the command line.

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