Troubleshooting Cloudflare Discord Error 1105: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discord users rely on the popular chat app to stay connected with friends and communities. But when Cloudflare Error 1105 appears, it blocks access to Discord entirely.

This frustrating error is often caused by network issues, DNS errors, or corrupted Discord data on your device. Thankfully, with focused troubleshooting, you can resolve Error 1105 and regain access to Discord.

In this guide, we’ll walk through solutions, from basic network checks to advanced Discord and Cloudflare settings. Follow these steps to eliminate Error 1105 and start chatting again.

Understanding Error 1105

Cloudflare provides cybersecurity protection and performance optimization for websites like Discord. Error 1105 indicates that something is blocking communication between your device and Discord’s Cloudflare-secured servers.

Potential causes include:

  • Network connection problems – Issues with your internet service provider, WiFi, cables, or router settings.
  • DNS failures – Your device can’t translate Discord’s domain name to locate its servers. For DNS issues, exploring solutions like Cloudflare DNS validation error code 1004 might provide insights.
  • Corrupted Discord data – Broken cache, temporary files, or app issues on your device. Sometimes, the error can also be related to broader Cloudflare issues, similar to the Cloudflare Bad Gateway Error Code 502, impacting your access to Discord.

Pinpointing the exact cause is key to resolving Error 1105 for good. By addressing each potential cause methodically, you enhance your chances of reconnecting to your Discord chats swiftly and efficiently.

Basic Network Troubleshooting

First, check your core network connections.

  • Reset your router and modem to refresh the network devices.
  • Use a mobile hotspot to connect your computer or phone to a different network. If Discord works properly, your regular network has a problem.
  • Try using a VPN app to access Discord through an alternate network. This can bypass network blocks.
  • Ensure your network hardware, cables, and WiFi signal are functioning properly.

Adjust Discord Settings

If you’ve ruled out network problems, dive into Discord’s settings and data.

  • In Discord, go to User Settings > Privacy & Safety to clear cache and temporary files.
  • Restart Discord to apply the data clearing. This can fix app crashes and bugs.
  • Check for Discord updates in your app store and install the latest version. Updates often include bug fixes.

Inspect Cloudflare Configuration

With your device and Discord app ruled out, turn your focus to Cloudflare’s protections.

  • Visit Cloudflare’s Support Docs to check for known Discord outage reports.
  • Verify your DNS records at Cloudflare point to the proper Discord server IP addresses.
  • If needed, contact Cloudflare support via chat or support ticket for help investigating and adjusting their Discord configuration.

Advanced Solutions

For tricky cases of Error 1105, you can try advanced workarounds:

  • Use a proxy service to access Discord through an alternate server route unaffected by Cloudflare errors.
  • Temporarily disable firewalls, antivirus or security software to eliminate possible interference.
  • As a last resort, engage professional IT support to fully diagnose your network and systems.

With focused troubleshooting and patience, you can overcome Error 1105. Follow the steps outlined here to regain access to Discord, reconnect with friends, and get back in the conversation.


What causes Cloudflare Error 1105 for Discord?

Error 1105 is typically caused by network problems, DNS failures, or corrupted Discord data preventing communication between your device and Discord’s Cloudflare-protected servers.

Why does Error 1105 happen randomly?

Intermittent issues like ISP outages, WiFi drops, and Discord or Cloudflare server hiccups can lead to random 1105 errors. Consistently apply troubleshooting steps to isolate and resolve the root cause.

How can I prevent Cloudflare Error 1105?

Upgrading your network equipment, using a VPN, keeping Discord updated, and optimizing Cloudflare settings can minimize Error 1105 occurrences. But real-time issues may still arise and require troubleshooting.

Does using a VPN fix Error 1105 permanently?

A VPN provides an alternate network path, which may bypass the root cause of Error 1105. But it doesn’t fix problems like DNS failures or corrupted Discord data. You’ll need to troubleshoot the underlying issue.

What should I do if all the basic troubleshooting fails?

For persistent Error 1105, you may need advanced solutions like proxies, IT assistance, or direct coordination with your ISP and Cloudflare to identify and correct the obscure network or systems problem.

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