Cloudflare Error 1015 ( How To Fix It )

As a website owner or manager, you want to provide your users with a seamless experience when they visit your site. Unfortunately, errors can occur that prevent them from accessing your site or slow down their experience. One such error is Cloudflare Error 1015, which can block legitimate visitors from accessing your site and negatively impact your search engine rankings.

In this article, we’ll explore what Cloudflare Error 1015 is and its causes. We’ll then provide you with several practical solutions to fix the error and improve your website’s performance.

What is Cloudflare Error 1015?

Cloudflare is a security service that protects websites from cyber-attacks and data breaches. One of its features is rate limiting, which prevents repeated requests from reaching the website and slows down its operation. Error 1015 is a rate-limiting error that occurs when the website owner has implemented a rate limit for requests, and the user is violating that limit.

When users encounter this error, they may receive a pop-up message that informs them that the site owner has banned them from accessing the page. This can result in fewer visitors clicking on your pages, which can lead to financial losses for site owners.

How to Resolve Cloudflare Error 1015?

There are several ways to fix Cloudflare Error 1015 and improve your website’s user experience. Here are some practical solutions:

  1. Throttle requests: Make sure you are only sending a limited number of requests in a given time to avoid violating the rate limit.
  2. Disable rate limiting: If the frequent appearance of “error 1015” is hurting your business or search engine rankings, you have the option of turning off rate-limiting on your app or website. However, keep in mind that switching off rate-limiting could potentially damage your site too.
  3. Wipe current rate limiting settings: If you have disabled access bans, reinstated the request restrictions using your site owner Cloudflare account, and deleted all rate-limiting regulations. Then switch off rate-limiting again.
  4. Increase the number of requests the website can process: Set a higher request threshold so that all users can have a glitch-free experience. The Cloudflare owner account allows you to view your request threshold settings and modify them accordingly so that they can support heavier web traffic.
  5. Modify the time limit: Enable the site to block users who have interacted with a page several times within ten seconds. This extended period enables multiple users to view the site simultaneously without denying web access.
  6. Increase bandwidth support: Providing the pages with more resources will minimize access interruptions and provide optimal data transmission between the site and its users.
  7. Optimize the website design: Outdated website design can cause issues for visitors trying to enter the site. Pages with slow loading speeds force users to repeatedly refresh their browsers and wipe cache data whenever they click on the site’s URL.
  8. Seek community support: Cloudflare provides its users with a rich library of resources to resolve various errors. While the methods we mentioned are effective, you should keep an eye on Cloudflare’s Community section. Other website and app owners post their experiences and how they’ve strengthened their online presence. It’s an excellent place for finding solutions to issues you might face in the future.


Providing visitors with an error-free experience is crucial for your website’s success. By following the practical solutions we’ve provided, you can resolve Cloudflare Error 1015 and improve your website’s performance. Remember to prioritize website performance and user experience to ensure the success of your online business.

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