Fix Elementor Forms missing Submissions

Sometimes you can stumble upon the issue with saving Elementor Form data inside Elementor > Submissions. Usually, it looks like the submissions list has no entries or the entire submission page is missing.

Let’s fix it.


Elementor Pro plugin features a Form builder that allows you to catch leads and save submissions from those forms. You need to access Elementor > Settings > Experiments and activate the Form Submissions experiment feature.

form submission elementor pro
Set experiment to active and save changes

After that, the Submissions page will be available under Elementor > Submissions.

elementor submissions page
Elementor Pro Submissions page

Now, all forms can save submissions, and by default, the Actions After Submit section inside forms includes the Collect Submissions option.

How to fix and troubleshoot missing Form submissions in Elementor?

Sometimes, these form submissions can get broken, and the submission page will look empty, just like in the image above.

To troubleshoot these issues, we will need to access our database and inspect the tables related to Elementor Forms.

You can use phpMyAdmin to access the database, but we will be using a WordPress database management plugin called WP Data Access. You can use it any other way you prefer as the results will be the same.

So, navigate to WP admin > Plugins > Add new and search for the WP Data access in the form on the right side. Once the plugin is listed, hit install and activate.

Fix missing database tables for Elementor Forms

In some rare cases, the tables for Elementor Form submissions are missing in the database which results in no data being saved.

We need to check our database structure and see if there are Elementor Forms submission tables present.

The easiest way to check this is to access the WP Data access plugin and list the entire WordPress database.

To do so, just access WP admin > WP Data Access > Explorer.

Once the database tables are listed, check if the following tables are present:

  • wp_e_submissions
  • wp_e_submissions_actions_log
  • wp_e_submissions_values
elementor submissions db tables
Elementor Form Submission database tables

* the database tables could have a different prefix, depending on your installation, for example, wp76883_e_submissions. In this case, you need to apply changes to the SQL file down below and replace wp_ with your custom database prefix.

If these database tables are missing from your list, you will need to re-create them.

Recreate the missing Elementor Form submission database tables

To re-create the missing form submission tables, download the following SQL file: Elementor Submission tables

Access WP admin > WP Data Access > Import SQL file.

import sql
Access Import SQL file and upload the file from above

This will re-create the missing database tables for Form submissions. Keep in mind that you might need to rename the tables if you are using a custom DB prefix on your WordPress installation.

Fix corrupted Forms submission database tables

In some cases, you could end up with forms submission database tables corruption. It can happen to the forms that are accepting some kind of data or picking up the dynamic values from custom fields, usually in JSON format.

This kind of data can sometimes cause issues, like saving the data with a missing ending bracket or similar.

To fix the issue, you should use the explore option to check up on the database table content. You should start by exploring wp_e_submissions_values table.

elementor fix form db entry
Fixing Elementor Forms database entry

Open it up and look at the entries manually, if you find the content with missing ending brackets, try to add the closing bracket and save changes.

If this doesn’t help, you might delete the entire row and see if the submissions page is working right after.

Finally, you can also purge the entire wp_e_submissions_values database table. This will remove the data, but it will fix the corrupted tables.

Getting error 405 in console, REST API blocked

On some servers, you may encounter HTTP 405 errors which state that the access to REST API has been blocked.

In this case, you will need to contact your host and ask them to check and unload access to REST API. The submissions page will work right after.


This is a showcase of common issues related to the missing form submission. If you know any other scenario that could lead to form submission issues, please share it in the comment section.

You can also check out other Elementor guides and tutorials we prepared for our visitors.

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