Keep Users Engaged by Opening Elementor Forms in a New Tab

Experiencing a high bounce rate when users submit a form on your site? It’s a common challenge that can significantly impact your conversion rates. Fortunately, Elementor Pro offers a simple yet effective solution: opening forms in a new tab. This approach keeps your visitors engaged and encourages them to interact more with your site.

Why Open Forms in a New Tab?

  1. Maintains User Context: By opening forms in a new tab, users remain on your original page. This allows them to continue engaging with your content or browse your products even after submitting the form. It’s a smart way to keep them interested and involved on your site.
  2. Encourages Further Actions: Once the form is filled out in a separate tab, users are more likely to take additional actions on your site. They might delve into more content, explore your services, or even add items to their cart. This is a clever strategy to enhance user engagement and interaction.
  3. Prevents Bounce: Detaching the form submission process from your main page is an effective way to lower your bounce rates. It helps to create a more coherent and satisfying user journey, as visitors don’t feel abruptly taken away from your content. This method significantly improves the overall user experience.

By implementing this strategy, you’re not only providing a seamless user experience but also effectively guiding users further down the conversion funnel. It’s a win-win: your users are happier and more engaged, and your site performs better in terms of conversions and engagement.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Sometimes, you might face challenges like missing submissions or difficulties in sending emails with form attachments. For these specific issues, WordaThemes provides in-depth guides:

  • For missing submissions, check out their article on Elementor Forms Missing Submissions. It offers valuable insights and solutions to ensure that you capture every form submission effectively.
  • If you need to send an email with a form attachment, WordaThemes also has a helpful guide on Elementor Forms Send E-mail Attachment. This resource is perfect for enhancing your forms’ functionality and ensuring smooth communication with your users.

Incorporating these solutions will further enhance your website’s performance, making your forms not only more engaging but also more reliable and functional.
By understanding and implementing these strategies, blog owners can significantly improve user engagement and website performance. Remember, the key is to create a user-friendly environment that encourages interaction and minimizes disruptions. Opening Elementor forms in a new tab is a straightforward yet powerful tactic to achieve this goal.

Actionable Ways to Open Forms in New Tabs

Elementor Pro makes opening forms in new tabs easy. But even without Pro, you have options:

Use Elementor Pro’s “Open in New Tab” Setting

The simplest method is using the built-in “Open in New Tab” checkbox when editing your form widget in Elementor Pro:

  1. Edit your form widget.
  2. Expand the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Check the “Open in New Tab” box.

This automatically opens the form in a new tab on submission.

Add Custom JavaScript Code

Without Elementor Pro, use custom JavaScript to trigger the new tab behavior:

document.getElementById("myForm").onsubmit = function() {"", "myWindow", "width=200,height=100"); = "myWindow";

Replace #myForm with your form’s ID.

Install a Dedicated Plugin

Plugins like WP Forms in New Tab and Form2Tab enable new tab submissions specifically for WordPress and Elementor forms.

Premium options like GT Open New Tab for Elementor offer advanced customization.

Best Practices for New Tab Forms

When opening forms in new tabs, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ensure accessibility with proper ARIA roles so screen readers can navigate correctly.
  • Mind your SEO by minimizing impacts on site analytics. Use meta tags that indicate off-site form submission.
  • Provide visual cues like small “opens in new tab” icons so users aren’t surprised.

Make Elementor Forms Open the Page in a New Tab Using jQuery

We’ll use a simple jQuery snippet to make this happen. This script activates when the page loads and monitors the form submission. Once the form is submitted successfully, it will automatically open the Thank You page (or any other URL you choose) in a new tab.

To implement this, go to Elementor > Custom code.

jquery fix elementor forms

Here’s how you can add the code:

  1. Add the code to Elementor > Custom Code.
  2. Paste the following code into the field, setting the location to <body> - Start. Save this as a Draft (don’t publish just yet).// Let's catch the form event here jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $('#Replace_with_form_ID').on('submit_success', function(){ // Form has been submitte; let'ss open it in a new tab'Replace_with_your_page_URL', '_blank'); }); });
  3. Navigate to the page or template where your form is located. Edit it, find the form, and access the Additional settings at the bottom. Here, enter your Form ID (like frm2200abc).
  4. Head back to Elementor > Custom code. Replace Replace_with_form_ID with your Form ID.
  5. Modify the URL placeholder with your Thank You page URL (e.g., Let's catch the form event here jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $('#frm2200abc').on('submit_success', function(){ // Form has been submitte; let'ss open it in a new tab'', '_blank'); }); });
  6. Publish your custom code and clear any cache.

Test the form from the front end. You should see the new tab open upon form submission.

Keep Users Engaged with New Tab Forms

Opening Elementor forms in a new tab provides a smoother user experience and encourages further site engagement after form submission.

With built-in Elementor Pro options, custom code, and plug-ins, you have multiple methods to implement this handy tactic.

Just remember accessibility, SEO, and clear UI cues. With strategic new tab forms, you can reduce bounce rates and boost conversions.


Q: Will opening forms in a new tab hurt my SEO?

A: It can impact analytics by registering as off-site activity. Use proper meta tags and measure goal completions through your form provider to minimize effects.

Q: What’s the best new tab method for beginners?

A: The Elementor Pro “Open in New Tab” widget setting is the easiest method with no coding required. Free plugins like WP Forms in New Tab are great for basic WordPress sites.

Q: How do I add a new tab icon indicator?

A: Use CSS styling to add a small new tab icon before the submit button. See this guide for examples.

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