Elementor provides supports for Gutenberg blocks

One of the most pressing concerns for users in the Gutenberg editor era is how page builder plugins will respond. Speculation about the new editor “killing off-page builders” has run rampant.

But these plugins are slowly evolving ahead of Gutenberg’s imminent inclusion in WordPress 5.0.

Elementor, one of WordPress’s most popular page builders, announced that the plugin would be completely compatible with Gutenberg beginning with its 2.0 version that was released a couple of months back. This means that the Elementor will provide support for Gutenberg block templates.

Well, this week the Elementor introduced its new Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg plugin that is available on WordPress repo. The plugin offers users the ability to insert any Elementor template into Gutenberg with one click. Its custom block functions will connect to Elementor Library pulling in content and design you already entered in your Elementor interface. So, you’ll be able to continue working on your content without any hassle and with all the latest Gutenberg blocks.

Elementor is leading the way among page builders by making it’s content available inside Gutenberg. It essentially builds in an extra step so users can continue with their existing workflow in the page builder and insert those designs into the new editor.

Elementor as website builder

Elementor is becoming more and more popular if you still asking your self “Is the Elementor an easy way to build a website“, check out this article.

Gutenberg’s customization capabilities pale in comparison to what popular page builders offer, but phase 2 of the project may precipitate another avalanche of blocks pouring into the WordPress ecosystem – the same way it did after Gutenberg’s roadmap was unveiled in June at WordCamp Europe hosted in Belgrade.

Page builders may not offer all of their exiting features in Gutenberg custom blocks until WordPress core is more advanced and the  Gutenberg enters the next phase.

The exciting thing about Elementor’s new blocks plugin is that its users don’t have to choose between Gutenberg and their favorite page builder.

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