Find Post or Page ID in WordPress

Sometimes you might need to know your post or page ID in WordPress and these kind of details are usually not visible in any setting field, so we need to determinate them somehow.

This article explains how to find or determinate the post, page or category ID for further use. For example, some themes or plugin will allow you to place some specific posts on some specific placement positions on your website, but they might require you to enter the post or page ID, so please continue to read this quick guide to find out how.

How to find Post ID in WordPress

Log in into your WordPress website admin area and navigate inside WordPress admin -> Posts -> All Posts. You should get the list of all entered posts on your website. Now, just find the desired post and hover over the edit link that is just below the post title. See image:

Find post ID

As long as you hover over the edit link you should be able to see the full link to the page that contains the ID of the post. As you can see from our example, the ID of our example post is 2346.

You can also open up the post for editing and you should see the post ID in the address bar, see another image:

Find post ID, address bar

How to find Page, Category or Tag ID in WordPress

Finding page IDs is the same as finding the Post IDs, only difference is that you need to access the pages inside WordPress admin -> Pages -> All Pages and repeat the same procedure as in the post ID section above.

As for categories ID, navigate to WordPress admin -> Posts -> Categories. Here just hover over the edit option of the desired category and you should see the URL in the browser corner containing the category ID just look at the part with “category&tag_ID=” and you should be able to see it.

Same method goes for the Tags taxonomy as well, just navigate to WordPress admin -> Posts -> Tags. Here you can easily determinate the ID in the same way as for the categories.

How to find User or Author ID in WordPress

In order to find out the user or author ID in WordPress you need to navigate to the user section inside WordPress admin -> Users -> All users. Here just open up desired user for editing and look at the address bar of your browser, it should contain the user ID inside it. See image:

find user author id wordpress


I hope this article was helpful and I hope that you are now more familiar with the way WordPress handles the IDs for important taxonomies and stuff. If you need to determinate the ID of some custom post types you can try the same procedure as well.

Feel free to share your impression on this in the comments section and ask just about anything related to finding the post, page, category or authors ID in WordPress.

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