Customize Browser Bar Color in WordPress

Customize Your Brand Experience: Change the Color of Your WordPress Site’s Address Bar

The browser address bar is one of the first things users see when visiting your website. By customizing its color, you can enhance brand consistency, create a more cohesive user experience, and boost engagement across devices.

In this guide, you’ll learn multiple methods for changing your WordPress site’s address bar color to match your branding, along with tips for choosing the right hue.

Benefits of Changing the Address Bar Color

  • Strengthen brand recognition: Using your brand colors in the address bar ties your online presence together across platforms. It’s an easy way to build brand awareness.
  • Immersive user experience: Matching the address bar to your site’s theme helps content stand out. It signals to users they’re in the right place.
  • Boost engagement: A personalized address bar catches users’ attention, making them more likely to remember your brand and interact with your content.
  • Stand out from competitors: Most sites don’t customize their address bar. Doing so makes your brand more distinctive and memorable.

Methods for Changing the Address Bar Color in WordPress

There are a few different ways to change the address bar color on your WordPress site:

Method 1: Using a Plugin (Easiest)

Plugins provide the quickest way to modify the address bar color without touching code. Here are some top options:

  • Custom Browser Color: Free plugin with color picker and options to change address bar, tabs, scrollbar, and buttons.
  • Ultimate Branding: Premium plugin ($39/year) with extensive branding options including address bar theming.
  • Branda: Freemium plugin with free address bar color customization features.

Follow these general steps to change the color using a plugin:

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Access the plugin settings.
  3. Pick your color or enter a custom hex code.
  4. Save changes.

Method 2: Adding Custom Code

More tech-savvy users can modify the address bar color by adding custom code snippets:

  • Beginners: We recommend sticking with a plugin for safety and simplicity.
  • Advanced users: You can use CSS/JavaScript code to target the address bar. Be extremely careful when editing core files. Refer to coding guides for your theme.

Some helpful resources:

Method 3: Using Theme Options

Some WordPress themes come with built-in options to customize the address bar color:

  • Astra: Appearance > Customize > Colors > Address Bar
  • GeneratePress: Customize > Browser > Address Bar
  • OceanWP: Customize > Branding > Browser Color

Check your theme’s settings for an “”Address Bar”” color picker or branding options. If available, modify the color there.

Choosing the Right Address Bar Color

When selecting a color, consider:

  • Brand style: Pick a color that matches your logo, images, and overall visual identity.
  • Readability: Choose a color with enough contrast against the text for easy reading.
  • Accessibility: Some color combos can cause issues for visually impaired users. Refer to accessibility guidelines.
  • User psychology: Colors evoke emotions and behavior. For example, blues build trust, while reds convey excitement.

Use color palette generators and your branding guide to find the perfect fit.


Customizing your WordPress site’s address bar is an easy way to boost brand cohesion, engagement, and recognition across devices. Whether using a handy plugin or digging into code, you have multiple options to find the right look.

Take advantage of this overlooked branding opportunity to make your online presence more consistent, memorable, and uniquely you. Your users will appreciate the attention to detail.

For additional customization tips and WordPress resources, check out the following:


Does changing the address bar work on mobile?

Yes, address bar color customization works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices. Make sure your chosen plugin or method supports both platforms.

What happens if I switch themes?

If you used a plugin, the color settings should remain intact when switching themes. With code snippets or theme-specific options, you may need to re-customize the color for the new theme.

Is changing the address bar bad for SEO?

Changing the color itself does not harm SEO. Just be sure to maintain sufficient color contrast for readability. Match your branding consistently across your site and marketing materials.

Can I get in trouble for this customization?

As long as you own or have permission to customize the WordPress site in question, changing the address bar color is perfectly legal and safe to do.

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