How to install WordPress theme

How to install WordPress Theme?

Worda Team 12/21/2020

This is a general FAQ article on how to install any of the WordPress themes purchased on ThemeForest, Mojo Marketplace, Creative Marketplace, and so on. You can also check out our list of theme marketplaces where you can buy and sell themes.

How to install the theme from the WordPress admin dashboard

You need to access your WordPress admin area and navigate to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Themes. Here just look for the button “Add new” at the left page top area. Then just click on the “Upload Theme” option. See this image:

How to install upload theme

The field for upload will be shown.

How, extract the downloaded theme zip archive you received and find the file that is entitled with the theme name, for example, “” and upload it inside the upload field and submit.

The theme should install in the next minutes or so and you may continue following the theme setup wizard afterward.

How to install a WordPress theme using FTP

Another method of installation is by uploading your theme via FTP. You need to create an FTP user inside your hosting control panel. If you are on the cPanel server, just access your website cPanel and head to the FTP section. You will be able to create a new FTP account here and allow it access to the public_html directory where your WordPress website resides.

The install the free FTP client software, Filezilla.

Run the Filezilla and create a new FTP connection, enter your FTP parameters, and connect to your WordPress website. After you access the FTP, go to your main web hosting directory /wp-content/themes.

Extract the theme installation file, usually, it’s named after the theme, for example, “” and extract it. You will get the folder with the same name inside.

Now, use Filezilla to upload that folder with the theme name inside the themes folder on your server at location /wp-content/themes. So, your theme should be located at wp-content/themes/yourtheme.

Head back to the WP admin area and access WP admin -> Appearance -> Themes. You should see your theme listed below, click on activate button, and the theme will be installed and activated. Then you can simply continue following the theme setup wizard.

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