Let’s meet FlexClip – online video editor

Flexclip can be described as an online Saas video clip editor with many features, helping you make a quick video for many different appliances.

So, if you are looking for a fast, online video editor with lots of templates and stock videos to choose from, FlexClip is definitely worth checking out.

FlexClip – online video editor

This great online app offers a lot of features included. It actually replaces your installable video editing tools with a video editor in your browser.

flexclip editor
FlexClip online video editor

Flexclip will help you make videos for your company or business promotion, intros, and story video for Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

You can use pre-built templates to quickly set the needed dimension and layout for your videos. With this online editor, you can quickly design your videos and publish them faster.

There are a lot of cool templates for Tiktok videos and stories for advertising almost any kind of business and service.

flexclip vertical templates
Large template collection for making TikTok and Instagram stories

FlexClip – Editor features

The platform comes with a powerful browser-based editor that works quite well.

flexclip editor interface
FlexClip video editor interface

The video editor features all the needed things for making professional animations and videos. You can start with templates or simply start from scratch.

You can add vector shapes, text, photos or videos as layers.

There is an audio section for making your video truly interactive. You can also create a watermark inside the branding section, add video overlays, and more.

With FlexClip you can easily make anniversary videos, wedding videos, travel and promo video and real estate video as well. There are many templates already made for all kinds and niches.

You can see all Video categories for templates on FlexClip.

Stock videos with one click

There is a large collection of stock videos that you can easily drag and drop in your videos. This can be truly helpful as the video are categorized so you can quickly navigate and find the perfect video. Videos are coming in HD and 4k resolutions.

Cloud Storage

You can upload your own video or use built-in cloud storage for storing the video made with platform. All in all, you can have your clips in one place, ready for use.

You own fonts

You can use your own fonts and make your videos truly unique and in alignment with your brand.


If you need to create videos or animated stories for your social network, the Flexclip is a truly awesome solution. It will help you make your videos fast and professional looking with less effort need.

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