How to Remove Featured Image from WooCommerce Gallery

Mastering Image Control in WooCommerce: Removing Featured Images from Product Galleries

WooCommerce product galleries play a vital role in showcasing your products online.Featuring multiple high-quality images allows shoppers to inspect products from all angles. However, the default inclusion of featured images in galleries can clutter the presentation. Removing featured images helps create a cleaner, more focused gallery to improve user experience.

In this guide, we’ll cover methods for removing featured images from WooCommerce galleries using custom PHP and CSS. We’ll also discuss the benefits for enhanced product presentation and user experience. Whether you’re a merchant looking to improve conversions or a developer building custom storefronts, mastering control over your WooCommerce image galleries is key for success.

WooCommerce product galleries automatically display all images associated with a product. The first image uploaded for a product serves as the “featured image”. By default, WooCommerce includes this featured image inside the product gallery.

However, featuring the same image twice can clutter the presentation. Shoppers focus gets divided, weakening the impact of your high-quality gallery images. Removing the featured image altogether results in a cleaner, more focused gallery to highlight what really matters – your products.

There are two main methods for removing featured images from WooCommerce product galleries:

By modifying the core WooCommerce template files, you can edit the gallery output to exclude featured images. This involves editing the location:


Alternatively, you can use a WooCommerce customization plugin like RankMath to dynamically insert custom PHP to omit featured images from galleries across your store.

Without touching PHP, you can also hide featured images using custom CSS styling. Simply target the featured image element and apply:

display: none;

This simpler method keeps featured images enabled in page markup but visually hides them from product galleries.

Both approaches allow you to showcase your premium gallery images for optimal product presentation.

Removing clutter is critical for refining WooCommerce product presentation. Eliminating featured images from galleries immediately focuses attention on your key product images instead of dividing shopper focus.

Removing featured images help refine the product showcase by letting your premium gallery images shine. Visitors can better appreciate the crisp details in your high-resolution photos and unique angles that highlight special product features.

[insert product gallery mockup contrasting featured image vs no featured image]

Without superfluous images distracting attention, you better communicate what makes your product offering special. Shoppers can inspect close up textures, intricacies, and angles that your product competitors might not showcase.

In addition to strengthening product presentation itself, removing featured images also improves general user experience. Shoppers can smoothly scroll through a consolidated gallery without wasted clicks on repetitive images. This simplification reduces distractions to help visitors better engage with your core product offerings.

Leading eCommerce sites like demonstrate the power of streamlined galleries without clutter. The simplified experience better allows window shoppers to explore your products while enhancing accessibility for all visitors.

Hopefully this guide has illustrated the advantages of removing featured images from your WooCommerce product galleries. The techniques require only minor customizations but offer immense improvements to product presentation and user experience.

Some key points to remember include:

  • Featured images displayed twice clutter galleries and divide visitor attention
  • Removing featured images focuses spotlight solely on premium gallery images
  • Highlight special product details that the competition might not showcase
  • Simplify browsing experience to boost engagement and conversions

Both PHP editing and CSS styling offer customizable approaches to meet your specific store needs. Implement these simple gallery upgrades right away to see notable improvements in product exposure and sales response!

We hope you’ve found this guide useful! Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you need any assistance removing featured images from your WooCommerce product galleries. Our developers are always happy to help you customize your store for optimal presentation and sales.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. Removing featured images visually from the gallery has no effect on search engine visibility. Featured images will still appear in page markup and remain indexable.

Q: What’s the best approach for shop owners less familiar with code customization?

A: Using a visual customization plugin like RankMath provides the simplest method to remove featured images from galleries without coding. Installation takes just minutes!

A: Yes! Both the PHP and CSS methods described can selectively target removal for only certain products as needed. Site-wide removal works great but custom display rules help maximize flexibility.

A: Simply revert any custom PHP or CSS rules you have added and featured images will once again appear in WooCommerce galleries automatically. Editing is safe and changes remain customizable.

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