12 Rules for running successful blog

Running a successful blog doesn’t need to be a tricky task. This article aims to help everyone who plans to start their own blog and gain some visibility and a steady flow of visitors.

Rules for running successful blog

These are some general and proven rules that will make your blog works, gain more readers and visitors and in the end, score some cache from advertising.

Table of content

  • Choose the right topic or niche
  • Content is crucial
  • Utilize social media
  • Choose the right theme
  • Good hosting is a must
  • Blog speed and performance
  • Always have fresh content
  • Guest posting
  • Add newsletter
  • People love comments
  • Keep an eye on the analytics
  • Be original and be yourself

1. Choose the right topic or niche

Choose your blog topic or niche wisely. There are so many successful niche based blog featuring posts based on one or more related topics like travel, food, tech or fashion blog.

Make sure that you classify your posts into meaningful categories and always show them inside the menu and appropriate widget places.

Find Blog topic or niche

Feel free to spend some time finding the right niche for your blog and make sure it’s something you love or have passion for.

2. Content is crucial

You know what they say, “Content is king!”. This is a true statement and you should concentrate on your content as much as possible. Write down useful content and make sure that your posts are easy to read.

Use appropriate heading tags and paragraphs and if possible, always include the Table of content at the post top.

Don’t repeat yourself and pay attention that your posts are at least 600 words long. Always use images inside the posts as they are good for SEO and the visitors like them.

3. Utilize social media

Never forget the importance of social media as people will share the articles they found useful and cool. It will bring you new visitors and also benefit the blog SEO. Make sure that your posts have a social share bar with the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and any other of your choice.

Utilize Social media

You also need to have social network profiles for your blog in order to post articles there and attract new visitors. There is a couple of ways to automate social network posting in WordPress.

4. Choose the right theme

Choosing the right theme is also an important factor. There are a lot of free and paid themes for WordPress, you should consider finding the one that is fast, responsive, that has nice post layouts and good typography.

Choose right theme

Sometimes finding the right theme for your blog topic could take some time. You might wanna check out our WordPress Themes reviews section as we reviewed a lot of WordPress themes for various niches.

5. Good hosting is a must

The hosting can play important role in your blog success as people don’t like slow websites. Some studies have shown that if the website loading time is larger than 3-4 seconds, people tend to ditch it and look somewhere else.

We spent two months testing every hosting provider’s feature and support and you can see our Best WordPress hosting companies review.

6. Blog speed and performance

Besides the fast host, your blog also needs to be optimized for speed and performance. This means that you need to lower the total number of installed plugins and use just the ones you need. You also need to install some caching plugin for WordPress as the speed of a blog has become a ranking factor for SEO.

Blog speed and performance

When setting up cache and optimizing the performance of your blog, don’t miss out on our great articles on WordPress Performance. We have reviewed the best caching plugins, there are some tutorials on how to gain 100 points on Google PageSpeed Insights, and much more.

7. Always have fresh content

You should write regularly. Keep up the good pace and make sure that you add some new posts all the time. The Search engines will love it and there is also a chance that some of your blog posts might gain a good position in SERPs which can lead to regular organic visits.

8. Guest posting

Guest posting can be a good way of gaining back links to your blog from other blogs and websites. If you see an opportunity to write posts for other websites, use it to gain a back link towards your blog. It will strengthen your blog position in search engines and also make your blog’s reputation higher which also results in better SEO performance and more visits.

You might also allow others to guest posts on your blog, this can be refreshing to your visitors and also attracts new ones.

9. Add newsletter

Make sure that you also utilize the power of email marketing by adding a newsletter to your blog. There are a lot of newsletter plugins that can help you build an email list from your visitors. You can send your newsletter periodically and create a stable flow of visits from your readers.

Create your own newsletter

This is an old but proven marketing method that still works today.

10. People love comments

You should make posting comments on your blog easy and you should always reply and lead a constructive discussion. Don’t be afraid of bad or malicious comments as you can always moderate them inside your administration pages.

11. Keep an eye on Analytics

It’s important that you keep track of your blog performance. You should check the visits on regular basis and also keep an eye on the most visited pages of your blog so that you know what people like to read and focus more on those topics.

Keep an eye on the analytics

There are many easy ways to add analytics to your blog. You can easily install some Google Analytics plugin or use any other of your choice. If you are an open-source lover, you can also install a free analytics platform like Matomo as a replacement for Google Analytics.

12. Be original and be yourself

Feel absolutely free to be yourself and make it personal. People love to feel the passion for things and also favor the original content and personal touch.

Be proud of your blog and its content and make an effort to showcase your posts on other websites from the same niche as it’s good for organic SEO and gaining more visibility for your blog.


By following these simple blogger advises and rules for running successful blog, and it will continue to grow over time. Stay open to improvements over time as well as for new ideas.

If you wish to add something to our list or just share your opinion, don’t be afraid to use comments in the section below. We would definitely like to hear from you.

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