We provide high-quality PSD to WordPress coding and integration for an affordable price. Besides Photoshop PSD format, we also convert other graphics design formats like EPS, AI or any other.

psdPSD to WordPress

How it goes? The procedure explained.

If you have finished your design in Photoshop, the next step in your website development process is converting the PSD design into a valid HTML code and WordPress theme that will empower your website.


Once we receive your design we will make a review right way to determine the complexity of the design and to mark down the main attributes that require attention. Then we precisely decide on the total amount of time needed for us to code the layout and functionality into fully working and fully editable WordPress custom themes. During this process, we will ask you for the basic functionality and features that the theme needs to provide.

Then we will inform you about the overall time frame and pricing.

Once we agree upon all the main aspects of this task, we start working on it right away.

Work and Reviews

Once we start working on it, we can communicate based on your preferred method of communication, via email ticket system, live chat or chat apps, like Skype, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp.

theme design

Testing and Q&A

After we fix any issues spotted during the Q&A process, we will ship the theme files back to you.


Once the job is done and the theme is ready. We will make a Quality and Assurance review of the code as well as how theme performs in major browsers.

We will assist you with any kind of issues you might have during the process of theme installation and setup.

Time frame

We aim to provide the highest quality work and thus we don’t rush it. However, the main time-consuming element is the complexity of the design. Some website are completed in one day and some


After you install the provided custom theme with your PSD design, you can get support for anything related to the files, code or functionality via our ticket system or live chat.

PSD to popular Premium themes

We can also convert your PSD, EPS, AI design into most popular premium themes from ThemeForest, like Avada, Enfold, BeTheme, The7, Flatsome, WoodMart, Divi or any other theme of your choice.

PSD to popular Premium themes

This service is very popular among the long time Avada or Divi users. If you love your premium theme and you want to integrate your design into the existing premium theme, this service will surely make you happy. 🙂

How does this work?

You need to have the license for the theme you want us to modify for you. Once you provide the design and we make the review. We will check up on the way to integrate your PSD into that specific theme and evaluate the options that can be used in your scenario.

This option could be a bit more expensive as the task is more delicate, it can also be more time-consuming. You can use the form to ask for pre-sale questions and an initial free review of the possible costs.

Pre-sale questions

You can use this form to ask for our free evaluation of the possible costs of PSD to HTML or PSD to Popular Theme services.

(*) There are no obligations here, you can send us the inquiry and we will provide our free evaluation. You are not obliged to buy services, this is just for your information and cost evaluation.