SEO & Performance optimization for WordPress

As of January 2021 and the announcing of the new Google Algorithm, website speed and performance play important role in overall website ranking and positioning in Google search.

If your website is slow on mobile, it will face ranking degradation and will fall down on all positions in search results significantly. This also affects the desktop website version and will penalize all slow websites on the desktop too, but the focus is more on mobile devices.

Your website needs to be optimized for speed and performance to avoid ranking penalties from Google.

You can check how your website performs by visiting a Google PageSpeed Insights page here:

Paste your website URL into the field and perform the check.

If your website score is in the red zone, it means that it will definitely be penalized and your website will lose its position on numerous keywords it was holding.

We can help you avoid this by fixing this problem as we provide SEO and Performance optimization.

SEO, Speed, and Performance optimization

Google PageSpeed Optimization

We will perform all needed tasks and actions to make your WordPress website PageSpeed results best as possible. This means that the website’s current score will get the highest as possible.

We have a blog category dedicated to WordPress Performance optimization with lots of useful guides and solutions. Be sure to check it out.

Please note that the overall score is a result of many factors. Sometimes we can help to score the 90 to 95 out of 100 points possible, but in some cases crossing 50 points will be the maximum possible. The reason for this could be related to server response time, too large a JavaScript call stack especially on WordPress websites with a large number of plugins.

The website build with Elementor or WP Bakery page builder is usually adding too many divs and other elements which results in too many DOM elements. The optimization in such specific cases cant score the maximum points but it will surely pass the core web vitals minimum score to avoid being penalized by Google.

What’s included in SEO and Performance optimization?

The tasks and actions included in this service are:

  • Removing unused CSS and JS
  • Optimizing the total number of plugins
  • Utilizing server-side caching
  • WordPress object in-memory caching
  • Setting up website caching plugin
  • Minification of CSS, JS, and HTML
  • Improving the JS render time
  • Eliminating render-blocking resources (CSS, JS)
  • Moving the content above the fold
  • Leveraging browser cache
  • Improving the First contentful paint FCP results
  • Improving the Largest contentful paint LCP results
  • Lowering Time to interactive value
  • Setting up an efficient caching policy
  • Adjusting browser caching
  • Ensuring that the text remains visible while loading
  • Mitigation of passive scroll listeners
  • Minimizing the main-thread work
  • Lowering the amount of DOM elements
  • …even more

Additional optimization services per requirement:

  • Setting up reverse proxy (Cloudflare)
  • CDN and DDOS protection (Cloudflare)


This is what we need from you in order to perform this service.

We will need access to your web hosting panel to perform the backup first and to commit the needed changes under the hood. If you cant provide hosting account access, the FTP account should be good enough.

The access to the WP admin area with the temporary user is set to the administrator role. You can remove this account once we perform the changes for you.

Optionally, you can provide the list of your top 5 keywords and access the Google Search console.

Pricing and payment

We charge between $100 and $150 for this service as a one-time fee, payable via PayPal or Credit/Debit card.

We are charging after the optimization job is finished, not up-front.

You can pay us after the job is done, you don’t need to make any payment upfront.

The overall price depends on the current website state and the amount and type of actions needed to get the desired results in speed and optimization.

We do analyze the website for free before we provide the cost estimate.

You will also receive full support reading the optimization services and our team will be at your disposal at any time.

How long does it take to complete?

We will complete the optimization in 1 ~ 2 business days.

Excellent and Professional SEO and Performance for WordPress

Order SEO and Performance service

Please, fill in this form and we will analyze the current state and speed performance of your website and provide the cost estimate.

After that, we will perform all the needed tasks to make your website score a greater score and pass the core web vitals test.

This will result in better SEO and a better ranking on Google and Yahoo. This service will also help you keep your website ranking and position for mobile search at Google, which is the key to better conversion and more sales.

If you are interested in working with us or you want more information about our services, feel free to reach us here.