We will clean up any kind of Malware or Virus from your WordPress website, fix and purify your database and files. We are a group of WordPress and security experts that provide excellent Malware/Virus removal services and bulletproof protection.

Your WordPress website got infected? Don’t panic, we got you covered

Yeah, we know it’s hard and frustrating but such things are happening.

We act very fast and we will clean the malware & virus infection immediately.

Just submit the form below and we will start to clean up everything for you and your website will be back online in a very short amount of time.

What’s included in the malware/virus removal service?

This service includes everything needed to make your website malware/virus free and protected from future attacks, like:

  • WordPress Malware and Virus removal and protectionFully automated Virus scan
  • Fully automated Malware scan
  • Manual code inspection and review
  • Removal of the malware code from files
  • Database clean-up and protection
  • File system clean-up and protection
  • Fix for common security issues
  • Strengthening of the website security
  • Detection of point of entrance
  • Patching the point of entrance
  • Removing the website blacklists entries

So, in general, it’s fully-featured white label protection in the Top tier security class.


Our pricing model is fair. We charge for malware/virus removal one-time fee of 50$.


After we clean your website and strengthen the protection, we also provide support for any security issues you might be facing. You can always reach our support and send us the ticket message. We are also available for a chat, just drop us a message in the right bottom corner.

Get Help Right Now!

You can use this form to submit your website for Malware/Virus cleaning and fixing.

Please, describe the problems caused by Malware or Virus and also provide the website access credentials inside this form. All data provided here will be used solely to resolve the malware problems and nothing more.

In the best effort to help you, we require a WP admin account and password, an FTP account or cPanel login account data.

We are using secure vault to store sensitive information and all access data will be removed once we fix the problem for you.

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