Worda Themes are also offering a full custom WordPress website or blog development. We can design and develop a custom WordPress theme for your website and build any desired feature or functionality.

We Build a WordPress website’s with passion


We take a very serious approach to developing any kind of website or blog. Everything must fit perfectly in order to have a long term working website, that includes design, accessibility, code quality, and performance and speed.

Combining these elements will be our winning formula and your website will convert the visitors into worthy customers.

Design and UX

We create a couple of prototypes and test the desired features and functionality or the future website. Then we proceed with the design process.

WordPress Design

We create and predefine the layout, header, footer and sidebar elements and any other custom elements the website might need.

Once the final design is accepted, we begin the coding part.

WordPress Custom website coding

We will then create a theme that will be a unique WordPress theme for your website. The theme will follow low the latest trends in web design like responsive, mobile-friendly, social connected, fast and nice looking websites.

Additional plugins and customization

We will also install all the needed plugins for running a successful WordPress website. The default plugins are Yoast SEO, Redirections, Google Analytics, Caching plugin (W3 Total or similar), Slider plugin, etc.

You will be able to manage and control all parts or the website and content and we provide support for the plugins installed with the final website.

Order WordPress website or blog

You can send us the details and we will provide the FREE evaluation of the possible costs for developing the website based on your desired idea and functionality.

Please, fill in the form and provide as many details as you can, so that we could also reply with our most accurate offer.

Thank you.