WooCommerce - How to send PDF invoice

Sending PDF invoices in WooCommerce

Sometimes you might want or need to send your customers invoices in PDF format, but WooCommerce doesn’t provide such specific functionality. So, WooCommerce generates the invoices for all orders placed in your store but it doesn’t offer the options to generate PDF invoices on the fly. Sometimes you might need to provide the PDF version […]

Worda Team 01/31/2021
Reset WordPress How to guide

How to reset WordPress to a default?

In this quick beginner’s guide on How to reset WordPress, you’ll learn how to reset or restore your WordPress website to the default, post-installation state. This procedure will remove all entered posts, pages, menu, plugins, database entries, and everything will be the same as in the fresh – clean install. Reset WordPress to a default […]

Davor 12/20/2020
wordpress cron job setup

How to fix missing schedule posts and WordPress Cron job issues

WordPress has it’s own Cron job that helps with automation of some processes, like posts scheduling or similar. It’s not actually a real Cron job like the ones that are executing on the server periodically, yet it’s just a simulation of the real Cron job.

Worda Team 09/13/2017