WooCommerce - How to send PDF invoice

Sending PDF invoices in WooCommerce

Sometimes you might want or need to send your customers invoices in PDF format, but WooCommerce doesn’t provide such specific functionality. So, WooCommerce generates the invoices for all orders placed in your store but it doesn’t offer the options to generate PDF invoices on the fly. Sometimes you might need to provide the PDF version […]

Worda Team 01/31/2021
Change Rename form Labels in WooCommerce

How to change / rename form labels in WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows the developers to alter the features and functionality of the checkout and order form using actions and filters.
In this example, we are gonna alter the default label(placeholders) for some of the form fields.

Davor 03/08/2020
woocommerce remove fields from order checkout 1

How to remove fields from checkout & ordering form in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is definitely a great piece of e-commerce platform and comes packed with lots of extra features. However, sometimes you might need to remove or edit some of the form items on the checkout page, cart page, and ordering page. The options to remove or alter the fields and label is not included in the […]

Davor 03/08/2020
WooCommerce - add City and District for shipping zones

How to add City and District for shipping zones in WooCommerce

In some specific cases, you might need to change the WooCommerce default country, state or region to better suit your needs. For example, if you are creating a city-specific service that delivers the orders only inside the city boundaries.

Davor 03/07/2020
WooCommerce - How to run setup wizard again?

WooCommerce – How to run setup wizard again?

If you have skipped the WooCommerce setup wizard after you installed the WooCommerce plugin, don’t worry, you can still run it again. Read on and find out how.

Davor 01/10/2020