WordPress 5.8 - whats new?

What’s new in WordPress 5.8

WordPress 5.8 release is almost imminent and it’s expected to be released on July 20th. Here are the things you should pay attention to before upgrading to the latest 5.8 version. This release introduces a lot of new features and the way WordPress handles widgets, so before updating you need to make sure your theme […]

Worda Team 07/11/2021
WordPress 5.7 upcoming changes

WordPress 5.7 important upcoming changes you should know about

As the WordPress 5.7 release date approaches we are bringing you the most important changes that will be available in the upcoming WordPress update. The 5.7 should be released on 9th March 2021. and it’s still a month away, however, you should check and prepare your website for major changes that are coming your way. […]

Davor 02/07/2021
WordPress Wallpapers Download

[Download] WordPress Wallpapers Collection for Free Download

In case you love WordPress as much as we do, you will find some cool looking WordPress themed Wallpapers for your desktop and mobile devices. Scroll down and find the desired resolution ranging from 320x240px up to 4K size. WordPress Wallpapers HD in 4K You can download for free WordPress Wallpapers in 3840×2160 pixels – […]

Worda Team 12/18/2020
Best New and Fresh Blog and Magazine Theme for WordPress

10 Best Looking, Fresh and Cheap Blog & Magazine themes for WordPress

This time we decided to showcase the best looking and fresh, yet recently released WordPress Blog and personal magazine themes. This list is composed of personal blog themes that are making their way onto the marketplace. Most of the themes are still under post-release fixes and enhancements, but they are surely well worthy and promising. […]

Worda Team 12/18/2020
WooCommerce Essential tools for running successful webshop

Essential Tools behind every successful WooCommerce store

These are the essential tools every successful WooCommerce store already has and utilizes in full power. WooCommerce comes with a decent amount of features and services that will benefit your business, but there are some additional tricks that require some additional tools to bring your webshop to the next level. Please, continue reading and you […]

Worda Team 12/17/2020
Gutenberg Block-Based Themes

Gutenberg Block-Based themes, the future of WordPress themes?

Will the block-based themes change the way we use WordPress every day? Some of us have witnessed the introduction and development of page builders for WordPress in the last decade. Over time, the page builders became mature and started becoming increasingly popular and more useful. Good examples are Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery aka. Visual Composer. […]

Davor 12/17/2020
Automattic buys MailPoet whats behind ?

Automattic buys MailPoet, what’s behind the acquisition?

One of the definitely most interesting news from the WordPress ecosystem is that Automattic has acquired MailPoet. The idea behind this acquisition is to give Woocommerce users the ability to use this popular marketing solution right from the admin area. Automattic buys MailPoet The plugin has been used on over 300,000 websites for building a […]

Worda Team 12/15/2020
Best Church WordPress themes

10 Best Church WordPress Themes

This article aims to help you choose the right theme for your Church website as we list the best WordPress Church themes, both free and premium.

Worda Team 12/15/2020
WordPress 5.6 - Nina Simone

WordPress 5.6 Simone rolled out last week, what’s new?

As our title says, WordPress 5.6 Simone rolled out last week introducing some minor changes and bug fixes. The WP 5.6 release is named after the famous singer and human rights activist, Nina Simone and it’s been released by the all-woman release squad. The latest release was made from contributions of 605 volunteers who were […]

Worda Team 12/13/2020
10 Best Food Recipe WordPress Themes

10 Best WordPress Food & Cooking Recipes themes

This article is made for people who plan to start their own food or cooking blog with their own tasty recipes. Please, bear with us while we go thru the list of 10 Best Food and cooking themes for WordPress. WordPress Food blogger’s themes with Recipe builders While we were looking for the perfect themes […]

Davor 12/13/2020
Best Gutenberg Block Templates

10 Best & Free Gutenberg block templates packs

The Gutenberg editorĀ is becoming more powerful each day, all through this progress is a bit slow, it’s definitely happening, and the Gutenberg block templates are one of the cool new features. With reusable Gutenberg block templates, you can turn your post editor into a fully-featured and mature page builder. Best free Gutenberg block templates pack […]

Worda Team 11/22/2020
10 Best Photography WordPress Themes

10 Best Photography Portfolio WordPress themes

As a theme market grows every day, there are more and more new themes for any kind of website or niche. Photography is no exception and there are hundreds of photography and portfolio themes out there. We decided to list the 10 best photography themes for you.

Worda Team 10/09/2020