Total Upkeep: WordPress Backup and Maintenance

Total Upkeep: Your One-Stop Shop for Worry-Free WordPress Backups and Maintenance

Keeping your WordPress website running smoothly requires vigilance. From routine backups to security updates, there are many behind-the-scenes tasks that website owners must handle manually. This constant upkeep can be stressful and time-consuming.

That’s why we highly recommend Total Upkeep. As an all-in-one WordPress plugin, Total Upkeep automates essential backup, maintenance, and optimization tasks so you can stop worrying and focus on content creation. With features like automated backups, scheduled updates, malware scans, and easy site restoration, Total Upkeep has everything you need to keep your WordPress site running optimally.

Why Backup Your WordPress Site?

Backups are the foundation of any website security strategy. Without regular backups, your WordPress site is incredibly vulnerable to threats like:

  • Hacking and malware
  • Accidental deletions or human errors
  • Server crashes and web host issues
  • Natural disasters and events beyond your control

Events like these often lead to catastrophic website downtime or even permanent data loss. And the costs extend beyond technical issues—your brand reputation, SEO rankings, and business revenues may all take a major hit.

By automating comprehensive backups, Total Upkeep gives you the peace of mind that your site can quickly be restored if disaster strikes. No more losing sleep worrying about losing your site!

Total Upkeep Features: A Deep Dive

What exactly does Total Upkeep do to keep your site protected? Let’s explore some of its most powerful features:

Automated Backups

Total Upkeep enables you to schedule unlimited automated backups based on your preferred frequency. It supports full site backups as well as partial, more granular backups of specific datasets like your database or selected folders.

You can store backups locally or enable cloud-based remote backups for enhanced disaster recovery capabilities. With both onsite and offsite backup options, you can quickly restore your website even if your web host goes down.

Scheduled Updates

As a WordPress site owner, keeping your installed software up-to-date is imperative for security and compatibility. Outdated plugins, themes, and even the WordPress core can harbor dangerous vulnerabilities. Total Upkeep eliminates this concern by enabling automatic background updates on a schedule you define.

If an update ever causes site issues, Total Upkeep also includes effortless rollback to easily revert back to the previous working version. This takes the risk and hassle out of WordPress updates.

Security Scans

Hackers are constantly probing WordPress sites for vulnerabilities to exploit. Total Upkeep fights back by running scheduled security scans that detect malware, suspicious code injections, and other indicators of compromise. It can even monitor login activity and alert you about attempts to access private areas.

Proactive security measures like this allow Total Upkeep users to identify and resolve threats before they wreak havoc. This is especially important given the prevalence of cybersecurity threats facing websites today.

Easy Restoration

Despite all the proactive protections, website problems can still occasionally occur. In these cases, Total Upkeep makes site restoration a breeze. You can easily rollback to or clone from any previous backup point in a few clicks.

Rapid recovery translates directly into dollars saved from website downtime. It also provides invaluable peace of mind knowing you can quickly mitigate issues that arise.

Beyond Backups: Additional Total Upkeep Features

In addition to the core backup and security capabilities covered above, Total Upkeep includes several other handy features:

Website Migration

Migrating WordPress to a new host or server is notoriously complex. Cloning all your site data, transferring databases, reconfiguring everything—where do you even start?

Total Upkeep vastly simplifies WordPress migrations by bundling everything into an easy automated process. It copies all your files, data, media assets, and customizations to the new server so you can get up and running quickly.

By minimizing downtime during the transition, Total Upkeep ensures visitors continue accessing your site without disruption.

Performance Optimization

Speed is essential for providing excellent user experience and SEO rankings. Total Upkeep includes built-in caching and code optimization to accelerate your site performance.

Specific optimizations include compressing images, minifying CSS/JavaScript files, and implementing server-level caching for dynamic WordPress content. These enhancements can significantly improve page load times.

Together, the wide range of Total Upkeep capabilities help you streamline WordPress management, enhance security, facilitate maintenance, and boost performance. Let’s look at how simple it is to get started.

Getting Started with Total Upkeep

One reason Total Upkeep stands out is its ease of use. Installing and setting up the plugin takes just minutes:

  1. Search for “”Total Upkeep”” and install like any other WordPress plugin
  2. Activate the plugin and enter your license key
  3. Configure your desired backup schedule and destinations
  4. Enable additional features like auto-updates, migrations, etc. as desired

The intuitive dashboard interface, simple toggles for each feature, and comprehensive documentation make setup effortless. We definitely recommend checking out the video tutorials for a visual overview too!

Pricing and Plans

Total Upkeep utilizes a freemium model with a forever-free version available containing basic functionality. For full access, paid plans start at just $99/year. Considering a typical hour of developer time runs $100+, the plugin pays for itself almost instantly in time savings!

When comparing plans, pay close attention to storage limits for backups. Entry-level accounts support up to 10GB of online backups while higher tiers increase this substantially. Review all hosted and self-managed options to identify your best fit!

Most users can manage a small site successfully with the starter plan and upgrade later as needed. To risk-free test the paid features, Total Upkeep offers free trials and a 30-day money back guarantee.


We strongly encourage all WordPress site owners to standardize site maintenance with a tool like Total Upkeep. The sheer breadth of its backup, migration, monitoring, optimization, and restoration capabilities enables you to worry less and focus on content and community.

Visit the Total Upkeep website to learn more or dive right in with a trial. Here’s to achieving WordPress peace of mind!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Total Upkeep:

Q: Does Total Upkeep work with all WordPress sites?

A: Yes, it is fully compatible with self-hosted WordPress sites on all major web hosting providers. Managed WordPress options like are not currently supported.

Q: Can Total Upkeep backups restore deleted pages or recover from hacking?

A: Yes, its complete site backups capture your entire WordPress file structure, database, and content. You can restore individual missing or damaged files or roll back your entire site to undo issues.

Q: What happens if my web host unexpectedly goes down?

A: With offsite backups enabled, you can easily migrate your Total Upkeep backups to a new host with minimal downtime to visitors. Short outages may not even be noticed by visitors.

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