How to calculate Total Value of inventory in WooCommerce

If you need to calculate the total value of your shop’s inventory, you might notice that such an option is not available inside the WooCommerce. However, there’s a simple solution to view the total value report of inventory right from your dashboard.

Free plugin to display a report of WooCommerce inventory total value

The easiest way to get this data is to simply install the free plugin entitled “F4 Total Stock Value for WooCommerce“.

In order to install this plugin fastest possible, just access the WP admin -> Plugins -> Add new. Here just look for the search form at the right side and enter “F4 Total Value” inside and wait for the results.

You should see the plugin listed below, and then just click install & activate. See the image.

WooCommerce total value of inventory via free plugin

After the plugin is activated, just access your WooCommerce Reports section at WP admin -> WooCommerce -> Reports. Click on the Total value tab and you’ll see the results.

Total Stock value WooCommerce

This solution is compatible with all major WooCommerce releases and also the latest 4.x as well.

If you have any questions or issues, free free to share your feedback in the comments.


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