10 Best WordPress Food & Cooking Recipes themes

This article is made for people who plan to start their own food or cooking blog with their own tasty recipes. Please, bear with us while we go thru the list of 10 Best Food and cooking themes for WordPress.

WordPress Food blogger’s themes with Recipe builders

While we were looking for the perfect themes to fit into our list, we’ve paid close attention to design, features, and performance. However, we have included only the themes with the recipe builder feature.

So, let’s start with the best themes for the Food bloggers list already.

1. TinySalt [PAID]

One of the fresh food blogging WordPress theme with the recipe index and step-by-step instruction. The TinySalt theme features a clean and elegant design. It performs well on desktop and mobile devices as well. Theme fully supports WooCommerce so besides being able to run food and cooking recipe websites, you might also set up your web store.

TinySalt WordPress Food Recipe theme

TinySalt theme comes with various Home page templates. You can choose between 12 different Home page templates, light and dark mode, recipe builder with index and schema markup for recipe posts.

TinySalt theme

Besides all that, the theme is feature-packed as it comes with pre-designed about, contact, FAQ, and Newsletter template pages.

2. Ranna [PAID]

Ranna is another great looking Food recipe theme from 2020. It features a nice looking and modern design following the latest trends in web design. The Ranna WordPress theme comes with support for multiple page builders including Gutenberg and Elementor page builders.

Ranna recipe theme

Theme features recipe builder that offers all advanced recipe features like ingredients, directions, schema markup for recipe, printing, and more.

Ranna theme also handles user registration, it features a form for submitting user recipes. Users and also rate recipes visible at the front-end in form of stars.

The Ranna theme also supports WooCommerce and it’s quite easy to integrate the webshop into your food and cooking blog.

3. Kale [FREE and PAID]

Kale theme is a simple and elegant theme lightweight theme made for food bloggers. It’s present for a couple of years already and it gained a lot of customers because of its simplicity.

Kale Pro theme

If you are looking for a simple to use and handle theme, this might be worth considering. However, the Kale theme doesn’t feature the Gutenberg recipe block and the recipes can be added via Classic editor at the time, which is a great disadvantage for many WordPress users.

There is a free Kale theme version available at WordPress.org, here.

4. Tasty Food [PAID]

Tasty food is one of the best looking and most complete food and recipe blog theme for WordPress. With tasty food, you can have an awesome looking recipe index website with all premium features like schema markup, rating, user recipes upload, food icons, and more.

Tasty Food - Recipes & Blog WordPress Theme

The theme is packed with many cool features and support for Gutenberg editor, WP Recipe Maker, and WooCommerce. It features ajax live search, user handling, recipe front-end submission, tag index, and more.

If you are looking for a professional-looking recipe index app like the theme, don’t miss the opportunity to check upon the Tasty Food theme at ThemeForest.

5. Neptune [PAID]

Neptune is a mature WordPress Cooking and Recipe theme available on ThemeForest. The theme comes with all features you might require in order to start a successful Food and cooking blog.

Neptune Theme

The theme comes with a unique design style and it’s fully responsive. It features a recipe builder and many sticky elements that will make your future website look neat and powerful just like some app. There are a couple of built-in advertising slots for placing Google Adsense or banner images.

Neptune Theme Recipe page

The list of features is long, however, there are some features worth mentioning like schema markup for recipes, recipe builder, user handling with support for social login, recipe rating, and more. Neptune also features an option for users to submit their recipes, search by ingredients, etc.

6. Chef’s Recipe [PAID]

Chef’s recipe is another fully-featured and beautiful WordPress theme made for food bloggers. It comes with support for adding recipes and sharing your culinary recipes.

Chef's Recipe - Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

The theme is certainly one of the most complete recipe themes available for WordPress. It features membership and user handling, recipe builder, rating system, schema markup for recipes, food & cooking icons, submits recipe feature.

Chef’s Recipe theme also features the ability to assign the chefs as recipe post authors and it comes with advanced search features, like searching for recipes by ingredients, etc.

7. EasyMeals [PAID]

EasyMeals is definitely an awesome looking, clean, and elegant WordPress theme with a focus on food and blogging. It’s the perfect theme for any food & cooking blogger out there, but it also comes with the ability to create an entire food and recipe community.

EasyMeals - Food Blog WordPress Theme

The EasyMeals theme features membership and user handling with social registration. It also introduces the recipe builder, rating system, supports bbPress, WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, and Elementor page builder.

Theme features a lot of pre-designed layouts and page templates. It also has a decent level of customizability and you should be able to create a unique-looking blog or magazine easily.

8. Becipe [PAID]

This is a fresh and newly released WordPress Food and Recipe theme that comes with a unique layout and design. The theme is powered by Redux framework and Elementor page builder and it also comes with lots of pre-designed templates for page builder.

Becipe - Food Recipe theme for WordPress

If you are looking for something different than the classic food blogging theme, this is the right theme for you, no doubt. The theme can be used for creating a recipe index with membership levels and protected recipe pages.

The Becipe theme also introduces support for Podcasts and you can also add your podcast along with the recipes. This theme offers all features needed for making a user-friendly food and cooking website.

9. Food Hub [PAID]

The Food Hub is one of the most powerful and best looking WordPress Food & Recipe theme. It comes with tons of features literally and we will mention only the most important like recipe index, recipe builder, recipe printing and rating, advanced search, recipe tags, schema markup, food icons, and much, much more.

Food Hub Theme

The theme is fully WooCommerce ready and besides recipe listing, it’s easy to integrate and set up a webshop. The Food Hub also introduces membership support and user registration handling. User can submit their own recipes and they can rate recipes and posts as well.

The recipe pages are looking great and they feature all steps, ingredients, and how-to lists needed for making professional-looking recipe posts.

If you are looking for a mature and complete theme to set up your own food blog, the Food Hub theme should be the right pick.

10. Especio [PAID]

The Especio is a high-quality, professional-looking and modern Food recipe theme for WordPress. It’s a relatively new and fresh theme following the latest trends in WordPress theme development.

Especio WordPress Theme

The theme fully supports Gutenberg editor and it comes with the set of Gutenberg blocks that will allow you to quickly create great looking and fully featured recipe pages.

The Especio theme fully supports WooCommerce and it can be used to set up a webshop along with the recipe blog or magazine. The Gutenberg compatibility allows this theme to offers the options to insert the products from your webshop into recipe posts or any other pages easily.

Considering that this theme is still new and fresh, it’s packed with features and we can expect more features to follow in the future.


We listed some of the best WordPress Food recipes and cooking themes available at the time. All of them are looking and performing great on desktop and mobile devices. The recipe specific features like steps, ingredients, and how-to guides are available in each of them.

So, no matter the theme you choose for your future food blog, you will be able to build a fully-fledged food and cooking blog or magazine.

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