WordPress Phases Out Internet Explorer Support

WordPress Phases Out Internet Explorer Support: A Comprehensive Guide

WordPress recently announced that it will be phasing out support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) over the coming year. This decision was made due to the growing security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues associated with IE11, which can negatively impact the performance and security of WordPress sites.

Understanding the Reasons Behind IE11 Support Removal

The WordPress development team decided to remove IE11 support after carefully evaluating the browser’s declining usage rates and mounting security risks.

Security Vulnerabilities and Compatibility Issues

As an aging browser with very limited update capabilities, IE11 has become prone to unpatched security flaws over time. Continuing to support IE11 would require WordPress to retain compatibility with these vulnerabilities. Additionally, IE11 lacks support for modern web standards and CSS/JavaScript features that WordPress utilizes.

Implications of the Transition for WordPress Users

The removal of IE11 support will impact many existing WordPress users who have not yet upgraded from this browser.

Potential Compatibility Issues

WordPress sites still using IE11 are likely to experience display and functionality issues once support is dropped. From broken menus to unresponsive templates, IE11 users may encounter a range of problems.

The Need to Upgrade to Newer Browsers

To ensure continued access to WordPress sites after IE11 support is phased out, users will need to upgrade to a more modern browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari. Staying on IE11 could severely limit site functionality.

Transitioning from IE11 to a Supported Browser

Upgrading your browser is essential to avoid losing access to your WordPress site. Here are some tips to help transition away from IE11:

Browser Recommendations

For the best WordPress experience, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox come highly recommended as replacements for IE11. Both browsers have robust support for new web technologies.

Troubleshooting Tips

After upgrading your browser, clear your cookies and cache to eliminate any compatibility issues. Test your WordPress site thoroughly post-upgrade to identify lingering problems.

Addressing Common Concerns

Some WordPress site owners and IE11 users may still feel uncertain or frustrated about this transition.

Timeline for Support Removal

While an official end-of-life date has not been set, IE11 support is expected to be fully phased out sometime in 2023. This gives users ample time to switch browsers.

Extensions for Unsupported Browsers

Some browsers do offer extensions that emulate features for unsupported browsers like IE11. However, these seldom provide full compatibility and are not a substitute for upgrading.


While phasing out IE11 support poses challenges for some WordPress users, this decision ultimately protects the security and integrity of WordPress sites moving forward. Transitioning to a supported browser like Chrome or Firefox will future-proof your access and enable you to leverage the latest innovations.



When will IE11 support be fully removed?

An official end date has not been released but full removal of support is planned for sometime in 2023.

What are the best browsers to switch to from IE11?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the preferred replacement options. They have excellent standards support and WordPress compatibility.

Will browser extensions allow IE11 to work on WordPress?

Extensions can sometimes provide partial fixes, but full compatibility is unlikely. Upgrading your browser is strongly recommended.

How difficult is the transition usually?

For most users, upgrading browsers is quick and painless. But testing your WordPress site and clearing your cache helps avoid quirks.

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